Acapella written by Brandon is a series dramaedy/musical which follows a private school show choir.


  • Delilah Beckingham
  • Nina George
  • Justin Gonzales
  • Shan Hale
  • Tyler Jenkins
  • Allison McAlister
  • Brandon Michaels
  • Daniel Phillips
  • Coach West


The first season is slated to run around thirteen episodes. As of now, these have been aired/confirmed. It was also confirmed that there will be at least one tribute episode for season one.

1. Pilot

2. The New Kids On the Block Part Un: While the club tries to recruit new members, a vicious cheerleader and intellectual writer show their disdain by agreeing to make Justin and Holly's status known. Meanwhile, Shan, a transfer and exchange student finds herself interested in the club and more.

3. The New Kids On the Block Part Deux: With homecoming only days away, Mr. Phillips continues to urge the members of the club to recruit. Tyler finds himself compelled by the performance, but feels heat when his teammates discover his consideration of joining the club.

4. Burning Desires:

5. The Acapella Rock:

6. TBA


Season OneEdit

  • Acapella: The First Album features music from the first three episodes. Overall consisting of nine songs.


The idea for this series came from both Glee and Pitch Perfect with it originally taking place at an unnamed University. After writing the Pilot, it quickly changed into a private school giving it a whole new edge to the series. The series itself will deal with edgy and controversial topics that will be from a huge variety of teen/social problems, anxieties, and over-all development.

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