Adrenaline is the official band of the wiki. They are a rock band with an infusion of Pop, Rock and Roll, R&B, and Soul. The members are: Tyler King, Tommy Richmond, Brandon Day, and Justin


  • Tyler King (Lead Vocals, keyboards, piano, guitar)
  • Tommy Richmond (Lead Guitar, keyboards, vocals) (Formerly Joey Deacon) (RIP)
  • Brandon Day (Bass, guitar, vocals)
  • Justin Styx (Drums, guitar, vocals) (Formerly Tom Parker)


  • Delilah Blanc (Groupie, fan club co-president)
  • Lily Walker (Groupie, fan club co-president)
  • Shan Forest (Fan club member, popular fansite owner) 
  • Ellie Hawthorne (fan club member, popular fansite contributer)


They recently released some info on their first info, including the song titles.

Adrenaline RushEdit

Adrenaline Rush is their first album

Number Title Length Writers
1 "Caterpillar" 3:06 Tyler King
2 "The Reason " 3:53 Douglas Robb, Dan Estrin, Chris Light Hesse, Markku Lappalainen
3 "Hey Melissa" 3:31 King
4 "Till The Day I Die" 3:27 King
5 "More Than Love" 3:41 King
6 "Broken Wing" 3:23 King
7 "None of The Above" 4:15 King
8 "Rockin Tonight" 2:55 King
9 "Sex Machine" 3:41 King
10 "Always on My Mind " 3:34 Johnny Cristopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson


Gone is the second album from Adrenaline. It was announced on July 8. 2013. They are currently writing the songs.

More info has been released in an interview with GQ:

Tyler King has said, "This album will still be mostly rock with a touch of pop, but will have a touch of heartland rock, and country in it. The songs are currently being recorded. We're all hard at work in the studio"

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