Sung by Adrenaline Rush
Composed by Tyler King
Writer King
Producer King
Length 3:06
Album Adrenaline Rush
Released May 17, 2013
Genre Pop, Rock
"Caterpillar" is a song by the band, Adrenaline. It was recorded for their first album, Adrenaline Rush. It is the second single on the album. It is rumored that Mr. King wrote this song about the gay rights movement.


Oh you’re a caterpillar
Just waiting for your chance
You’re sittin in the darkness
Just waiting for the light
But when it comes
Oh you’ll be shining oh so bright

You’re a caterpillar
Watchin from the ground
You’re a caterpillar
Not making a single sound
You’re watchin as the trees grow tall
And the eagles fly above
But one day you’ll be flying higher than them all

Oh you’re a caterpillar just waiting for your shot
All you need is a chance to show them what ya got
You’ve spit on, and made fun of
But none of that matters now
Because you’re only a moment away from finding true love

You’re a caterpillar just searching for your place
But one day you will end up winning the final race
You’ve been beaten, stepped on, and been hit by a car
But the joke’s on them because none of it can change who you are

While you watch the sunset on yet another day
You think why do all these creatures treat me this way
You sit at night and think “I’ll be brighter than the stars real soon”
Because caterpillar, you just started growing your cocoon

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