Alma-Anamarija relationship

Bang game strong.
Shipname Analma


Status Best friends
First met High school

The Alma-Anamarija relationship is the relationship between Alma and Anamarija. They are often refered to as Analma or AnAl.


Anamarija and Alma first met on the entrance exam for the bilingual german program in the IV. gymnasium. They first introduced themselves to each other their second day of high school and became friends instantly. At first they hung out with three other girls: Lucija, Matea T. and Matea Z. Later on they became friends with Nina and a few other people.

As said on other wikias, Nina is a bitch.


  • They are the biggest geeks in their class.
  • They both love Sherlock and ship Johnlock.
  • They're both obsessed with Death Note.
  • They refer to each other as "dweeb" or "fuckface" most of the time.
  • They have matching tumblr icons.
  • They both want to study psychology.
  • They will take over the world someday.
  • They are both members of the Croats, a gang led by Nina.
  • One of them is a bitch...You figure out who...
  • Also bang game not so strong anymore
  • That's an old picture...change it!
  • Shhh no everyone likes it
  • Am I right?!

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