Alma-Nina Relationship

Alma(middle) and Nina(right) pictured with another friend of theirs, Lucija(left)
Shipname Slut+Hoe
Status Friends
First met Freshman year
On the family tree Not related (thank god)
The Alma-Nina Relationship is the relationship between Alma and Nina. They are often referred to as Slut and Hoe.


Alma and Nina first met on their second day in high school. They introduced themselves to each other before art class, but hadn't become friends until two months later, when Alma needed some info for her music essay. Since then they have been helping each other with math homework and Alma sometimes helps Nina with her german homework.


  • One of their first conversations was about Harry Potter.
  • They often obsess over Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Avengers together.
  • They both love coffee and pringles.
  • They often sit together in physics class and don't pay attention. That's probably the reason why their grades aren't that good.
  • They have the prettiest lockers in the entire school.
  • After high school they will go to Yale together.


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