Battle of the Sexes
Author John
Genre Reality
Rating Young Adults

First time writing, tell me if you like it. Every Saturday a new episode is released. This is not a real competition so I am just gonna add people. No need to do anything. 


  • Males 
Contenders Age Rank Date Eliminated
Joey 21 1st WINNER
Mark 19 3rd THIRD PLACE
Andrew 22 5th
Tom 16 7th
Tyler 22 8th
Mau 14 10th Feb. 23 2013
  • Females
Contenders Age Rank Date Eliminated
Shan 16 2nd RUNNER UP
Tiffany 21 4th
Nasia 17 6th
Rae 22 9th
Ellie 13 11th Feb. 19 2013
Delilah 16 12th Feb. 16 2013

Contender Progress ChartEdit

1 2 3 4
Andrew Delilah Ellie Shan Nasia
Tyler Nasia Nasia Tiffany Rae
Tom Delilah Shan Rae WIN
Joey Delilah Nasia Rae Rae
Mark Tiffany Ellie WIN Tiffany
Tiffany Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler
Nasia Tyler Tyler Andrew Joey
Shan Andrew Tyler Mau Mark
Rae Mau Andrew Mau Joey
Mau Tiffany Ellie Nasia
Ellie Andrew Mau
Delilah Andrew
% to leave: 61% 52% 69% 91%

WON This team won The Battle Of The Sexes.
2ND This team came in 2nd place.
WIN This contender won the challenge, and was to the tie breaker for nominating someone.
WIN This contender won the challenge.
HIGH The contender was saved by the girls/guys and had the least amount of votes to be  nominated.
IN The contender was not at risk of elimination.
RISK This contender received a high number of votes for elimination and was at risk of being eliminated.
OUT This contender was eliminated from the competition recieved the most votes and was eliminated.
OUT This contender quit the competition.