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Battle of the Countries

Battle of the Countries is a new competition, created by Ellie and Mauricio



In Battle of the Countries, the war between the countries has reached an all time high; now, to prove their power, the leaders of all the countries have decided to start invading their enemies. They've prepared their best armies, and collected their weapons and supplies, and are ready for battle.

You will take the role of a leader of one of the battling countries. You must invade as many countries as possible whilst also protecting your own country from invasion. Weapons and food and health supplies can be purchased, as well as traded between leaders, and alliances can be formed. In order to take steps further to invasion, you must answer a question, either on other users of the wiki or their countries (no Googling allowed - seriously, cheating isn't funny), such as: the country's history, the leader's personality and what you predict their next movements will be.

The winner will be the country (or countries, if an alliance has formed) who has invaded the most countries. If your country is invaded, you are out of the game!


  • No Googling question answers!
  • No cheating - that includes tweaking your country's budget, making alliances without telling me or Mau and taking steps further even though you got your question wrong.
  • If your country has been invaded and you are out of the game, don't tell other people who are still in the game the answers to questions if you know them. Once you're out, you're out.
  • If your answer has not been given before the date, then the leader of the country you currently plan to invade automatically takes a step forward.
  • If you get a question wrong, you stay where you are. 
  • You must invade one country at a time - no switching targets suddenly.


The Countries

I know some of these countries are bigger than the others, but just imagine they're all the same size Emoticon_wink.png
And imagine they all use dollars too - I couldn't be bothered to look up the real currencies.

Every country has an army of 1,000 soldiers. Reinforcements can be purchased.

Country Leader Current Target Budget Left Current Supplies
Usa flag
United States of America
John South Africa $5,000,000

1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

England flag
Shan China $5,000,000

1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

China flag
Tyler England $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

South african flag
South Africa
Delilah USA $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

Japan flag
Justin Norway $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

Denmark flag
Nasia Brazil $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

Norway flag
Lily Japan $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

Mark Denmark $5,000,000 1,000 soldiers

0 weapons

Invasion ChartEdit

Country Target Place in Invasion
USA SA 0/3 steps to invading SA
England China 0/3 steps to invading China


0/3 steps to invading England
South Africa USA 1/3 steps to invading USA
Japan Norway 0/3 steps to invading Norway
Denmark Brazil 2/3 steps to invading Brazil


0/3 steps to invading Japan
Brazil Denmark 0/3 steps to invading Denmark


  • All countries have announced their targets.
  • The armies have started marching and the invasions have started. The first question of the first invasion is up.
  • South Africa and Denmark answered the first question correctly and advanced one third of the way to their target countries.

Supplies and Weapons StoreEdit

Attacking WeaponsEdit

  • Small Bomb. Capable of taking out thousands of people if detonated in a crowded place. Can easily take out an entire army and leave several casualties. This bomb knocks back one country to the first step of invasion. $950,000.
  • Powerful Bomb. Much more destructive than a small bomb, this is pricey but definitely worth it. It can take out around half-a-million to a million citizens, and can destroy a small country easily. This bomb knocks up to five countries back to the starting line. $2,000,000.
  • Nuclear Bomb. Yeah, this can destroy several countries in one go, but be careful. It could easily destroy your allies, and harm innocent people. It could also backfire and destroy your country. This bomb knocks all countries back to the starting line, including your own. $4,000,000.


  • Army of 100. 100 soilders added to your army. $100,000.
  • Army of 500 - $600,000.
  • Army of 1,000 - $1,000,000. 
  • Army of 5,000 - $2,000,000.

You cannot purchase soldiers yet. These will play a part in a later question.

Invaded CountriesEdit


So, in order to invade a country, you have to answer three questions. Get all of them right, you've invaded your target. Get one wrong, you stay in the same place.

You can purchase bombs and throw them at a selected country, and it may knock them back. But remember, you can be knocked back also in revenge by another country - so watch out.

First InvasionEdit

Question 1Edit

Who would be your target country's leader's most likely ally?

USA England China South Africa Japan Denmark Norway Brazil
Nasia (Denmark) Delilah (South Africa) Mark (Brazil) Justin (Japan) Delilah (South Africa) Shan (England) Nasia (Denmark) Delilah (South Africa)

These are the answers that were given. If the box is green, you got the answer correct. If it's red, you got the answer incorrect.

Two out of eight countries have taken a step forward to invading their chosen country.

Question 2Edit

If your target country's leader purchased a bomb and threw it at another country's army, which other country besides their target would they throw the bomb at?

USA England China South Africa Japan Denmark Norway Brazil
Shan (England) John (USA) Lily (Norway) Tyler (China) Tyler (China) Lily (Norway) Nasia (Denmark) Norway (Lily) 

One out of eight countries have advanced.

Question 3Edit

What would your target do if they were captured by an enemy army: kill themselves, or still try and fight their way out?

USA England China South Africa Japan Denmark Norway Brazil
xxx xxx

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