Big Brother: All Stars
Season 3 (2013)
Name Entry Exit Season
Brendon Day 1 BB12
Britney Day 1 BB12
Dan Day 1 BB10
Daniele Day 1 BB8
Delilah Day 1 BBO
Dick Day 1 BB8
Frank Day 1 BB14
Hayden Day 1 BB12
Ian Day 1 BB14
James Day 1 BB9
Joey Day 1 BBO
Jeff Day 1 BB11
Kalia Day 1 BB13
Kevin Day 1 BB11
Laura Day 1 BB11
Mark Day 1 BBO
Rachel Day 1 BB12
Ragan Day 1 BB12
Shane Day 1 BB14
Sharon Day 1 BB9
Head of Household
Veto Winner
Jury Member


I wasn't gonna continue this, but i have nothing to do, so I am. There are now 20 house guests.... 3 from BB OFIBTY Style..... The other 16 are houseguests from seasons 8 to 14

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