Brandon-Nina Relationship
Friends DP 3

Shipname Brina
Cheeky Nandos
Status Best Bitches
First met OFIBTY
On the family tree Currently Unknown

The Brandon-Nina Relationship is the relationship between Brandon and Nina. They are often referred to as Brina or Nrandon.


  • Nina often calls him Waterbottle.
  • Both love Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, and Quinn Fabray.
  • Both are also the two of the toughest bitches on the Wikia.
  • Both are huge Marvel fans, specifically fangirls over The Avengers.
  • Brandon once called Nina a "sknak".
  • Made-out on July 20th, 2015 just because they're hoes.
  • Brandon's new nickname for Nina is "nina-bina" as of July 22nd.
  • Both like Breakfast At Tiffany's.


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