Damian-Delilah Relationship
Just friends.
Shipname Damlilah
Status Good Friends
First met Degrassi Wiki

The Damian-Delilah Relationship is the relationship between Damian and Delilah. They are often referred to as Damlilah or Delian


Damian and Delilah met on the Degrassi Wiki, where they didn't talk much. But, when Jessy posted a link to OFIBTY on the Degrassi Chat, Damian entered, and they met. Delilah was looking for a wiki boyfriend, so it was a perfect relationship. The relationship started June 24th and ended June 25th, due to Delilah thinking she was cheating on her real life boyfriend. She went to Jessy and Nasia for help. Jessy said that Delilah should ask Scott out, who is another user on Degrassi Wiki. Then she will screenshot it then tell Damian that she's cheating on him. But when Delilah told Nasia about the situation, Nasia said that was a stupid plan and will make her overall friendship with Damian end. So Nasia told him about the situation the honest way. He was okay with the relationship ending.


  • Nasia was the matchmaker of this relationship. Yea thats right bitch.
    • If Jessy didn't post the link on Degrassi Chat, they wouldn't have met. Yeah, that's right bitch ^.^
    • Yea that too biscuit Emoticon_laughing.png
    • Don't tell me this is gonna turn into one of those pages AYKM.
    • Ig idk i've only been on this wiki for a day don't ask me Noemoticon
  • This relationship lasted one day.
  • Delilah's stripper name is Electra Rush, and Damian's stripper name is Daring Damian.


Jessy: Then tell him the truth!
Delilah: I don't wanna hurt him, he's so sweet.

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