Okay so this is a page generally just for me (Deli), but you can read if you want. I have a lot of weird dreams all the time and they're all extremely bizarre, but I end up forgetting them eventually. So I decided to keep track of them here, 1) To remember them, and 2) So you guys can read them if you want.


  • i had a dream where i was at grace's house but she lived in like a shack in kenya so then i was like bye grace and i walked home to my house which was across the street but it was my normal long island home and when i crossed the street a car almost hit me and so i opened the door and my dog ran out and started running into the street and came back and my grandma was like LILA HOW COULD YOU DO THAT, and so my dog wasnt coming inside and i was like wtf why isnt she coming inside and my grandma was like bcuz she has a dead foot after she got run over by tht car and i was like grandma tht car almost ran me over not her and then my grandma made a survey on buzzfeed on if the car hit me or my dog and my dog got like 80% of the vote and i was like wtf
  • basically i like flew to croatia and i was gonna surprise u and so u were in the lockerrooms changing for gym and then when u came out i was there and we hugged and then we went to gym together and it was outdoors and like in ancient roman architectural remains and we all had wheelie backpacks and would run around with them and there were some ppl who i went to middle school with there and me u and paula (idek) hung out the whole time

September 2016Edit

September 3rd, 2016Edit

  • I was on a school trip to either Iceland or the Faroe Islands, and I made out with a girl on the trip with me. Then, a bunch of other girls got jealous, so I made out with four others too. One of the girls was someone I knew in real life but I didn't know the other four. The first girl's boyfriend thought she was becoming distant so he tried to do everything he could for her, but he'd always do everything wrong. Then, we trashed an office building and told the workers we were Albanian. We had a bonfire in the office building's backyard and took a bunch of pictures that we put on Instagram.

September 4th, 2016Edit

  • Me and my whole family watched Lizzie McGuire for 7 hours straight. Chelsea and the twins were high school and middle school age, respectively. Apparently Chelsea was not on track to graduate. My grandma enjoyed the show the most.
  • Me and two girls I didn't know were at my house learning to drive (Shrug-1-.gif). Our driving instructor came over but instead of him teaching us how to drive we mostly just messed around in my pool. Eventually, he started teaching us how to "drive" but it was mostly doing extravagant dives into the pool. While telling us the lesson schedule and how we couldn't miss a lesson ever, he told us "even if there's a Nirvana concert at the R&B hall, you have to come".

September 5th, 2016Edit

  • Me, my dad, and my grandma were on vacation in South Korea. My dad and I shared a suite, while my grandma had her own hotel room somewhere else. The room was set up, where when you'd walk in it was a living room (my dad slept here), and then you'd go up the stairs to a loft-like bedroom (I slept here). Some woman who worked at the hotel would constantly stop by and hang out in my bedroom. Whenever she was here, I wasn't allowed to go up there. Sometimes my grandma would go up there and talk to her, and she was allowed to. I didn't think much of it at first, but then this woman would be up there every single day, and it started to piss me off. One day, for some reason I was walking around topless and had my bra upstairs, but the woman was there. I went to get it and put it on anyways, and she started screaming at me for disrupting her. Naturally, I started screaming back and we got into a huge fight. She claimed that she was an important journalist and entertainer who sometimes needed to take a nap after a long day. My grandma sided with her, while my dad tried to stay out of it but yelled at me for insulting her. I begged my dad to go home early (it was Monday and we were leaving next Sunday). However, he said no because that was the only direct flight to Colorado (We flew to South Korea out of Colorado, because we were house sitting for a friend). My dad and I just hung out on the couch and dumped water on it while my grandma and the woman chatted in my bed, although I was extremely angry and wanted to stab that woman.

September 6th, 2016Edit

  • (A very hard dream to describe). Basically, I was driving my grandma somewhere and we lived in some village in central Europe, and there were these strange men who kept stalking us and we'd need to hide from them, but only I knew they were evil and my grandma had no idea. We were by a lake one day and I saw one of them so I pushed him into the water. Then I went grocery shopping.

September 8th, 2016Edit

  • My dad and I were planning on taking a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. He was looking at places to stay and we decided on this Islamic castle with four bedrooms. My first question: "Is it 5 stars?" Then I was very annoyed to see that our plane was leaving in like 10 minutes and we had to rush to the airport. Oddly, the flight was only about 15 seconds long, but I wasn't able to see much of Kyiv.

September 9th, 2016Edit

  • Lana Del Rey released her new album which was called Into the Deep. She also released like six mini-albums but apparently I heard all of those already.

September 12th, 2016Edit

  • Adele shocked the public when it was revealed she had released an album prior to 19, and that it simply was commercially unsuccessful and then taken off the shelves when she got famous. She performed the album's lead single in a coffeeshop and it was amazing, my favorite Adele song ever.
  • I was in a small cabin with Amy Poehler and a bunch of little girls during a zombie apocalypse. We stationed one girl at the front of the cabin to stand guard, but she got killed and the zombies got inside. Then I just remember Adele and Amy being angry.

September 13th, 2016Edit

  • (Creepy One) So me and two really old friends from back in middle school decided to catch up and visit a park together. After arriving, they suddenly turned into Grace and Marissa. While at the park, there were many children dressed in either white or black chasing each other and just being annoying. We saw my 14-year-old neighbor who I despise, who was just as confused as we were but pretended he belonged. After hanging out for a bit, the owners of the park came over and demanded to know who was controlling things. Of course my asshole of a neighbor blamed us without even knowing what was happening, but I don't think anybody heard him. Suddenly, five naked obese (when I say obese, I mean obese, you know) men emerged from either sandboxes or woodchip pits. Apparently, these men organized this fight-to-the-death matches between children and this was the the battle royale. Us three were absolutely terrified and wanted to sneakily leave before this confrontation would turn into a shootout (because this is America and we know it would). Then I woke up.

September 17th, 2016Edit

  • So me, Lindsey, Grace, Marissa, and some others decided to go somewhere far away for some party. The party was super cool and in some mansion, and for some reason a lot of people from high school were there. When we wanted to leave, we went through the front door, and had to cross through a church to get to the street. There were a bunch of taxi drivers willing to take people back to the airport. Lindsey and some other people decided to get one of the nice looking drivers and left. Then, suddenly Lindsey was back with me and I assume Grace and Marissa actually went in that taxi. Some lady driver asked us if we needed a ride but she seemed shady so I didn't want to go with her. Lindsey started freaking out because she didn't think she was going to be able to get home. Then, suddenly the whole group plus my dad, Lindsey's mom, my friend Clare, Cassie, and my friend Connor were at the airport waiting to go home. Apparently at this airport while you were waiting to board, you were able to buy food on the line. Clare and I are both vegetarians so we were interrogating the worker lady about what there was to eat. In the end, I just got a blue raspberry slushie.
  • I stole one of my dad's beers (he doesn't even like beer though) late at night and drank it in my bedroom. At like four in the morning he came in asking if I drank it because apparently one was missing from the fridge and I told him I didn't. I was hiding the bottle underneath the covers, but he didn't believe me and I thought that it was real-life not a dream.
  • Trisha Paytas was on The Amazing Race and they went to Georgia (the country) and I was really excited because I really wanted Trisha to see what Georgia was like.

September 20th, 2016Edit

  • Vicky and Mike broke up (lol)

September 27th, 2016Edit

  • This girl I know, Sarah, who I kinda don't like, kept pulling my hair and I got mad at her.

September 28th, 2016Edit

  • Me and Brenna were walking through our old high school, and for some reason inside of it was a Croatian middle school called Idel Naan Iman. We were waiting outside the middle school for my friend Ashley, who was apparently a middle schooler now.
  • Me and nearly all of my friends were hanging out on this quiet but kinda touristy island. Suddenly, the cops arrived and said that there was a murder on the island, and that we had to evacuate to the one next to it while they investigated. The other island was extremely desolate and there was absolutely nothing to do on it. They told us we had to hunt our own food, at first all of us were like what the fuck we're not doing that, but out of nowhere Marissa grabs a sharpened stick and starts chasing and stabbing at the animals. She caught us a jaguar to eat.

September 30th, 2016Edit

  • My entire family was having a Halloween party and all my actual friends were coming. It started out tame, just with minor sexual references (I guess I'm horny lmao), but then my friends Clare and Jimmy completely disappeared and we were really confused. However, I look in the backyard and I assume they're hiding in the mausoleum (for some reason we actually had a mausoleum in our backyard, it wasn't just a fake decoration). I send my grandpa out to go check, and when he gets close, a demon, a demon bride, and some skeleton come running out behind him, I let my grandpa in the backdoor and close it and lock it. But then they start running along the side of the house. I make sure the side door is locked, but then they go into the frontyard (this is where is starts not making sense). Apparently, in my house there's a gate which locks part of the frontyard from the other half of the frontyard, so I had to run outside to close and lock that gate. However, I wasn't fast enough and they got in. So now, I had to run back through the backyard with them chasing me, I jumped onto the roof of the mausoleum, and I was safe. I knew that it was just Clare and Jimmy chasing me, but it was still so terrifying for some reason.

October 2016Edit

October 1st, 2016Edit

  • My family and I were vacationing at this outdoor resort-type place in North Carolina. For some reason, my friend Connor was at the resort as well but he wasn't with his family or anything, he was just all alone. After we arrived, me and my dad decided to go for a little jog to pass the time before our room was ready. Also, accidentally, instead of getting a suite, we got like three rooms that had just a double bed and a TV. So, our jog was going great, and then I saw Connor jogging farther ahead of us. I tried to get his attention, but he didn't hear me, so I decided to keep going and catch up with him. Suddenly, we came across this staircase that Connor was jogging up. The stairs were held at a 90 degree angle and you needed to clutch the railing and climb up very slowly in order to not fall, and I was absolutely terrified. Connor and my dad had a super easy time getting up them, but I was so scared and I didn't think I could hold on.

October 8th, 2016Edit

  • Grace's parents moved to England, so her and her grandma bought a house near mine in Oakdale. I was really excited because now we could go on a bunch of adventures with all our other friends. I don't remember the first adventure we went on, but the second was that my grandma bought us all tickets to see a hockey game in New Zealand. I was a little skeptical and asked her how we'd all be getting to New Zealand, but she said that it was just about a three hour car ride. Anyways, I was super excited about it because I love traveling and not all of my friends have traveled outside of the country but now we all will get to together. I then started taking a school bus to New Zealand, but I didn't notice if I was by myself or if my friends were there too. There were definitely a lot of strangers on the bus though, all around my age. As we were driving, it started raining harder and harder, and we passed by a plane that emergency landed in a forest. However, all the passengers were fine and just looking at the plane. Then the bus turned into a plane and began take off, but it briefly caught fire so we turned back into a bus before it could explode. Then we tried taking off again and everything went well.
  • The Dutch broadcaster withdrew Kisses from Junior Eurovision because they realized the song was terrible, and began to search for a new act.

October 9th, 2016Edit

  • Venezuela won (I think) Miss Earth.

October 10th, 2016Edit

  • I was sitting in class but we had a new professor, and she was really weird and I hated her. She then put on some Polish pop music and one of my Polish friends (who isn't even in this class) was like "Should I love you or should I hurt you in the end, that's what the song means" in like a bitchy matter-of-factly voice. Then me, saying something I'd completely say to my friends in real life, said, "You should hurt me". I then remember something about Cassie but I'm not sure what happened.

October 11th, 2016Edit

  • Me and Grace decided to compete for Miss Nebraska USA together. Basically, I didn't know we had to get dressed up before the pageant so I had no makeup on and was wearing street clothes. At the pageant, you had to walk on a runway and then get your picture taken if this was your first time competing, but if it wasn't your first time, then you just waited at the end of the runway. It was my first time, but Grace competed last year, so I just waited with her and never went on the runway. At the end of the runway there were a bunch of streamers with hearts and stars and stuff, and a girl got them stuck on her dress, so me and Grace sarcastically said "Oh my God, I love your dress".
  • I ate a bunch of McDonalds chicken nuggets and my friends caught me.

October 20th, 2016Edit

  • SEMI-LUCID: So basically, me and Vicky were at a meeting for this thing, and we had to stay at a hotel during it. So, we rented a room, and then after it was over we attempted to pay for it. Vicky paid with her credit card and everything was fine, then I tried to pay with mine, but the check-out ladies said that my card didn't have enough money on it (?). So, then I tried paying in cash, but my bills kept changing numbers. I had one bill that said $50, but it also said $52, $51, $48, and $40 on it in other places, so I didn't know how much it was worth. I asked the ladies but they said I couldn't use it because they'd need an appointment with their counselor to tell its worth. They then started to get really annoying and patronizing, and one went into their back office. I drop kicked the one still at the desk, and then went into the office to find the other. I then realized that I was dreaming, but before it could become lucid (I was reading about lucid dreaming before I fell asleep), I got this weird tingly feeling all throughout my body (same feeling as when you hit your funny bone), and then I woke up.

October 21st, 2016Edit

  • I was sitting at the dinner table with my grandparents and we were just talking about whatever. My grandma mentioned something about me getting pregnant and I responded with "Don't think I have to worry about that". My grandma then suddenly said that she believed three members of our family were gay and that she wanted to play a game about it. Basically, the game would be she'd write down the name of a family member she thought was gay with three pieces of evidence. Me and my grandpa would wager money on whether they were (our choices were $20, $40, $100, $1k, $10k, $50k, $100k, or $480k). Then she'd ask the person and if we were right, we'd be given the amount of money we wagered, but if we were wrong, we'd have to pay it to my grandma. The first person my grandma thought was gay was me. I don't remember all of her pieces of evidence, but one of them was, and I quote, "She's been spending way too much time with that Vicky girl". My grandpa put money on me being gay, and so did myself for some reason.
  • I was talking to Emily about masturbation for some reason.

October 31st, 2016Edit

  • I was doing a presentation at my old high school with Cassie. During the presentation, a school shooter broke in and started shooting randomly. I jumped out the window and started running. While I was running, everything changed and I became a teenage girl in the 1980s. I jumped the fence and ended up in someone's backyard, but apparently it was my own. I started thinking and sympathized with the shooter because I felt bad for him and I was happy he was gonna force school to close. Then I was transported back into my real body, and I was walking with Vicky, talking about this movie about two brothers, one was super intelligent but socially awkward, and the other was popular but psychotic. The psychotic one looked just like Tony Stonem, while the other one was Jonathan from Stranger Things. We were gushing over how hot the psychotic one was, when we saw our annoying friend Natalie in front of us. We called her name to get her to come over and obsess with us, but she didn't hear us and instead just flirted with a professor. Then I got transported into the movie and I was the psychotic guy in the final scene. I was hiding in my house because I just committed a school shooting, and my dad finds me and shoots me in my head and that's how the movie ends.

November 2016Edit

November 1st, 2016Edit

  • I remember telling someone about having a gym in my house but I'm not sure if it was actually a dream.

November 4th, 2016Edit

  • I have this cucumber lotion that I really love and for some reason someone kept eating it because it tasted like red velvet cupcakes.

November 21st, 2016Edit

  • In my group chat with Vicky and Cassie, Cassie said to Vicky "i really dont like you". Vicky originally thought it was a joke and laughed, but then Cassie was like "no im serious", and it turned into some huge argument between the two that I just watched.
  • One of my classes turned into some Buzzfeed office, and everyone in it was talking about how we hate working for Buzzfeed and that it's a terrible company. And then this one girl who switched into the class late and was apparently a Buzzfeed intern and has been for three months was like, "Um, I like working here". I've never spoken to this girl ever so it was odd.
  • I was on a plane to Canada with my family and I was the first off the plane out of everyone. As I was walking through the gate, I discovered that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were standing there greeting people as they walked into Canada. I was so quick though that I kept going before they were even set up and didn't get to talk to them or anything. Then, I kept trying to take pictures of them through the window for my Snapchat Story. Once I got an actually good picture with myself and them in it, I accidentally sent it to some YouTuber I have on Snapchat who's never gonna open it or respond instead of my Story, and I was so pissed off. Also, apparently while we were on the plane, we met a relative of ours who's a Senator.
  • It was Wednesday right after classes ended, and Thanksgiving parties were really in for some reason. Me and my friends were planning on going to this girl "Lauren Hersch's" (not a real person) party but before we left, Cassie completely messed up my hair and I was so pissed, so I let them go ahead and I stayed back. So I kept redoing my outfit as I was waiting to leave again, and it was kinda in the same form as when you pick clothes for your avatar in a game, which was weird. And then as I'm ready to leave, I get a text from Lindsey, "News 49 showed up at Lauren's party, don't come". This basically meant that the cops were shutting it down. So I left my room and ended up in my high school gym, and apparently it was a boarding school and I lived there and the dorm rooms were in the gym. In the gym kids were getting absolutely shitfaced drunk, and a school administrator came in as I was leaving and screamed "I WANT EVERYONE IN HERE TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY". As I was walking through the halls, teachers (that I knew and remembered) were getting super wasted and having drinking competitions between each other and other students, it was a mess. Then I get another text from Lindsey saying, "I think Lauren has a crush on you, she used to always let me on her farm but now she's closing it off", and like you make sense of that because I have no idea what it means. Then I stumbled into my grandpa who said that he got kicked out from the school gym and in my head I was like what the fuck you were getting drunk with those kids but I didn't say anything and just nodded and left. Other stuff happened too but as you can see this was so in depth I don't remember all of it. Also, I told TWO group chats about this dream because I thought it was so insane but one ignored me and the other didn't even answer so now I'm annoyed because this is the coolest dream I've had as of late.

November 26th, 2016Edit

  • Me, Marissa, and Lindsey were sitting in a hallway and Marissa was eating an onion. This professor that I HATE came and sat with us and stole Marissa's onion. Then a different professor told us to help her with the water tower. So we went outside and went to the watertower. Basically, it was this giant tower with different rows of seats and a small pool at the bottom, and so you'd sit on a row to watch the game in the pool. If your row was close enough to the bottom you were in the game. Basically, there were two teams and each team had to know the opposing team's members into the pool. So if you sat in the bottom rows, people were trying to push you into the pool. Grace tried to jump into one of the bottom rows to play but instantly fell into the pool. I sat at one of the top rows and just remember pelting Russians with varying fruits and vegetables.

November 30th, 2016Edit

  • I was working at an ice cream shop with some people who I knew from school. Suddenly, the ice cream shop turned into some playground and we were all little kids again. A lot of other things happened but I don’t remember them.
  • It was my friend Nicole's birthday and we were having a birthday party for her on my front lawn. A lot of people I weren’t friends with were coming, but I remember specifically that this one girl Olivia I kinda talk to, and the girl who was the Buzzfeed intern in my other dream, were there. Something happened to Olivia’s bike and also a few people got lost. Other things probably happened too.

December 2016Edit

December 1st, 2016Edit

  • Me, Liana, and my grandparents were going to our family friends Ann and Eddie’s house for a get-together. We then found out Ann and Eddie were inviting another couple friend of theirs. Me, Liana, and my grandma talked to Ann and the other wife, while my grandpa, Eddie, and the husband all hung out. Ann made special cocktails for me and Liana, and we drank them fast. They were made with raisins. Then I asked for water. After getting my actual water, the wife gave me something she called “flume water”, and they all laughed after I put it in my water. It was actually vodka I think.
  • Me, my Polish friend Oliwia, Lindsey's boyfriend Chris, and my friend Alexa were drinking vodka in the bushes before class, and got very drunk. Then we were all in class together and made fun of my friend Nicole. Our professor asked Chris a question and he said “when you get really drunk”, but it wasn’t the answer. Then another professor and a class of freshmen in high school came in and were apparently supposed to put on a performance for us. The preparation went on forever and it turned into some weird-semi different dream that I can picture vividly in my head, but am not sure what exactly happened. Something involving hiding, and swimming, and music playing, and colleges, I think. I think I might've had sex with college competitive swimmers, but not sure. Then, the performance was finally ready and we started climbing this ladder for “V.I.P.s” to get to the show, but nobody could form a line.
  • I was very uncomfortable when my Dad told me he was excited to read my fanfic and that he thought Nicky would “win the show”. I don't think he knew I wrote it.

December 2nd, 2016Edit

  • I was watching campaign videos for the position of Secretary of Spanish Language Education. One of the candidates was Vivica A. Fox and the other was a former Miss World. Vivica, however, was white. The Miss World trashed talked Vivica, saying that when she was Deputy Secretary she ran out of the building in shear panic and thus shouldn't be trusted. Miss World then attempted to climb up the chimney of her house to demonstrate her leadership abilities, but she then fell right on her ass. She was okay, however, and laughed about it. Miss World was projected to win but I was gonna vote for Vivica.

December 3rd, 2016Edit

  • I was back in high school and was walking to class texting. A teacher stopped me and told me to give him my phone because texting was against school rules. However, I refused and kept walking to class, with him following. When I got to class, I sat with Oliwia and my other Polish friend Daria. In real life, me, Oliwia, Daria, and Alexa all sit together in this one class, but today Alexa was sitting somewhere far away. I asked Oliwia what happened and if there was any beef now, and she goes, "I don't even know that girl's name anymore". I didn't ask any further questions. Then the teacher comes in and starts trying to act all high-and-mighty. I tell him that I shouldn't get my phone confiscated because I never text in school, but everybody else does, and the one time I do I get caught. Instead of confiscating it, he writes me a bill for $50 and I pay him on the spot.

December 5th, 2016Edit

  • I was on vacation with a bunch of my friends (although some of them weren't my friends) in this weird hotel. It was similar to an apartment where people lived there for years before moving, but it was known to be a hotel. The people who I knew were there were Vicky, Cassie, Alexa, and this girl Nicole who I know but have never spoken to. In the living room, there were a bunch of computers around the wall. I was on the computer with Alexa, and Nicole put on "Firework" by Katy Perry, so I started lip-synching the words and got really into it, which made her laugh pretty hard. Then when it was over, I went to the bathroom to wash my hair. For some reason to wash my hair I needed to plug in a straightener and a blowdryer, but neither of them would go into the outlet. So I went back outside, and brought Cassie and Vicky into the bathroom to help. They couldn't get it either, but since we were in an old hotel at nighttime, Cassie started getting creepy and was like "Do you think this place has a basement, I really wanna go". Then, we started talking to our next-door neighbor who was moving out of his place to move into the room right above our room. There was an old picture of the new couple moving in next-door to us, and this guy really didn't like them for some reason. We could hear hair clippers buzzing very loudly from underneath the door that the couple were behind, it was weird, I don't know what they were doing.

December 7th, 2016Edit

  • I found out that my grandma needed some important surgery and was reasonably worried for her. I was at the hospital, and some blue-skinned facially deformed woman told me that my grandma was entering surgery and that I was needed to be in the room during it. I got strapped down to an operating table next to my grandma and for some reason it finally clicked with me that they were trying to suck out our beauty in order to help people like the blue-skinned woman. There was so much more to this dream but I forgot a lot of it which is so disappointing because it was so interesting and kinda terrifying.
  • I pulled out one of my far-back teeth and it was bleeding everywhere.

December 12th, 2016Edit

  • I was going home to my apartment and there was some old woman inside, gazing out the window. As soon as I saw her, I ran back outside and started texting friends, asking what to do. They told me to call the police, so I did, but when the police arrived she was gone. This dream was particularly ominous because when I woke up the power was out and in my head it was because there was some ghost woman in my apartment fucking everything up.
  • I was going to my friend Ashley's party along with Grace and Brenna. Her party was in a small dorm room that was connected to a main school building. There was a long line outside of the door to get in, and every few minutes Ashley would walk outside, check who was at the front of the line, check if they were on the list, and then let them in if they were. Me, Grace, and Brenna got to the front and then Ashley came out. She had bleached blonde hair and looked completely different from what she normally looks like. She checked her list and Grace was on it so she got in, she told Brenna "I might kill you but you can come in if you want to", and then she told me that I wasn't on the list but I could come anyways. However, there were teachers patrolling and Ashley wanted to avoid suspicion, so she told me I had to go in through the backdoor instead. However, I didn't know where that was so Grace ended up coming with me while Brenna went in. My grandma (for some reason she was there) told me that to get to the backdoor you need to go around a few offices, so I found the offices and kept going, but ended up going outside somehow. Me and Grace got into a car and started driving recklessly through the streets and almost died. We then parked at a pizzeria and then I woke up.

December 13th, 2016Edit

  • The dream started out with me, my friend Brittany, and someone I don't remember walking around a building that resembled my elementary school. However, it was actually the building I was currently going to school in. Class had started and I was walking there with these two. We went into a room that I thought was my class, but recognized nobody. We then started walking downstairs to get to what my class actually was. Brittany was in it with me but the other one wasn't. Then, suddenly, class was over and I was leaving the building with Vicky and Cassie. My grandpa was picking us up and in the car he was talking about how when he was our age his school played basketball against my school and they had a big rivalry. On my school's team, there were a group of 5 black guys who were really good basketball players, but very recently they all came out as gay. It was very weird.

December 14th, 2016Edit

  • Me and my dad were going on a bunch of road trips. I remember we went to Rome first (yes a road trip to Rome), but I don’t really remember what was happening. Then we started going to San Francisco, but started falling down a hill in our car on the way there. Somehow, we climbed up the hill and avoided the lake at the bottom, and I started tearing through the wire fence that separated the hill from the road. An Indian man saw us and said he’d call the police for destruction of government property. We instead gave him our car and called the cops on him saying that he stole it.

December 16th, 2016Edit

  • Khloé Kardashian was announced as the new Miss Oklahoma USA 2017 and everyone was really upset because she didn't even have to compete for it, it was just given to her because she wanted it.

December 17th, 2016Edit

  • I was driving through Idle Hour (a wealthy neighborhood in Oakdale) and came across this big mansion. I went inside and realized it was actually the set to some obstacle course thing, and I started doing the obstacle course. It was really fun and I think I won. There was more to the dream but I don't really remember.
  • My friend Brittany told me that her family got all their money because her dad was working in a factory but a machine tore his arm off, so he sued and won $20 million.

December 20th, 2016Edit

  • First, I was watching a game of “ice ball” at some college. It was basically basketball on ice, but with no ice skates. The game was between Alaska and New Mexico. Alaska was doing much better but the referee kept calling fouls on them. Then, I suddenly was a student in class at this college. I don’t know what the class was, but we had a group project that was supposed to simulate something (not sure what it was we had to simulate). I was in a group of about eight and we each had different jobs to do. The first person in our group to “die”, was this girl who got killed by her boyfriend. Then, when everyone was asleep I kissed them all in the eye so they went blind, and eventually killed them. It was weird. I just remember their eyes dripping with blood, even though it was fake (at least I think it was).
  • Someone saw my vagina, I don’t know what the context was though.
  • I was watching Krista Siegfrids perform at Melodifestivalen 2017 and singing her song “Snurra min jord”. I liked it a lot, but the Swedish public didn’t originally because the heart wasn’t that lit up. Then she brought Little Mix on the stage and they sang the rest of the song with her, and the heart started going wild.

December 25th, 2016Edit

  • I was in Game of Thrones, but instead it took place in New York City during the 80s and was more horror than fantasy. So I lived in an apartment above a bagel store, and I would always go down there to the bagel store. One day, I was walking home and saw this girl sitting on my stoop who looked very familiar (she actually did). I asked her if she went to high school with me, but she said she was homeschooled. She then told me her name was Danuta Storfolowski. I then said that I was Polish too and told her my name. And one night, I was sitting on my stoop with some friends, and then happened to get into one of our cars parked outside, when we started seeing this kid walk around shooting flaming spitballs at people. When he got closer to us, he tried knocking on my apartment door to throw the spitballs at me, but since we were all in the car and no one was inside, no one answered. I panicked, thinking he'd find us, and ran. He noticed, and chased after me. He was throwing the last of his spitballs at me, but I kept dodging, until he just threw an actual fireball at me that hit me and I fell. His name was Kevin, and this was all part of an episode of the show.
  • I'm going to a New Years Eve party and in my dream I got a text from the person hosting it saying that I have to tell some of my friends that they can't come because she has a maximum number of five guests.
  • NOTE: Although this dream was sexual it was NOT a sex dream. I was on some sort of adventure-show thing in the jungle, and we had to go through this obstacle course the fastest. I kept just laying down in the water though and whenever I did something well I'd masturbate. Eventually, I completed the course and the next person went. The next person was GloZell, and for some reason I was doing the course in her body. We made the same mistakes, but instead if she got stuck on something she'd masturbate. The person organizing the show was very interested in how we were doing that as reactions to very different things. Then, the show was over and for some reason I was Louis Walsh. I was in a Copenhagen hotel room masturbating, and being filmed by some guy for a TV show. This was a very weird dream.

December 28th, 2016Edit

  • I was at some sort of small picnic with my old driver's ed instructor and two "friends" from high school (I had no idea who they were). We were having our picnic outside of a mall on the grass. Outside of one of the stores, I noticed someone who looked familiar. I walked over to her and realized that it was my best friend from when I went to private school. We don't really talk anymore but we acknowledge each other's existence (it's one of those relationships). I ran over to her and hugged her really tight. Oddly, she was hanging out with my friend Ashley, and they don't know each other at all. We caught up and it was great.

December 30th, 2016Edit

  • So in real life, Cassie has this friend Jimmy who I really want to be friends with because he's really cool. Basically, Cassie was hanging out with Jimmy and we devised a plan to get him to hang out with me too. I was standing along a wall, and as Cassie and Jimmy walked by, we started talking. He said I looked sexy. I felt like there was more to this but I guess not.
  • I was taking a science class taught by my 9th grade biology teacher and all we did was play games and do brain teasers that I was good at, so she liked me.
  • I was flying to England with Liana, that guy Jimmy, some people I didn't know, and my high school French teacher. We had to run through my old high school to get to the airport, and while we were there, I discovered that Ria was actually my great-granddaughter, and that I had another Ria before this Ria, that died when she was six (Ria is six now so that made me uneasy). While I was at the high school, Liana was transformed into Cassie, but while at the airport, it was still Liana. On line at the airport, me and Liana were taking a trip into what she called "the Dutch Caribbean". I then suggested Aruba (which is weird because neither of us like tropical vacations), and this couple on line behind us said that Aruba was beautiful and that we should go. I told them that I was thinking of going to Canada too, but they were like wtf no don't go to Canada, why would you do that. I was then transported back to the high school and me, Cassie, Jimmy, and I think this guy in one of my classes named Tony, were jumping on a trampoline together. Jimmy and Tony were shirtless. It was hot.

December 31st, 2016Edit

  • I was back in high school and sitting in on another teacher's class while I was actually supposed to be in gym. I told the teacher I had to finish a test, and she let me and my friends stay. When I finished, I told her that I was excited to have her next year, and so she told me that next year "Mickey" would be teaching the class instead, and gestured to a little old lady with a squeaky voice. So me and my friends leave, and we are all going to different places. I go through a secret way (that actually exists), to get to gym so I don't have to walk directly in and have everyone see me. When I go in, I see that no one's actually participating and are just sitting down in the cafeteria (which is not in the gym, but I was somehow transported there), hanging out. So I sat with this girl from college who I don't even know that well, and hung out with her. I also had braces for some reason.

January 2017Edit

January 6th, 2017Edit

  • So I was driving with my grandma, and she told me that the place we were in looked a lot like this place called Whitehare, Colorado. I had no idea where that was, so she told me that it was where they filmed the movie Whitehare. Suddenly, I was transported into the movie. I was basically on this balcony made of wood, that was inside of a tree. The balcony went around the whole outer side of the tree, and in the middle, there was a large drop that had a pool on the bottom. I hid behind some bushes, and then these giant sprite-like creatures came running around the balcony. They had minimal facial details, looked like they were made of wood, had long blonde hair, dressed in leaves, and were several feet taller than me. They would run around the balcony over and over again. As the last one came around, I ran out and pushed it off the balcony into the pool in the center. It instantly melted. A narrator then told me that when these creatures came into contact with water, they instantly died. So then, I tried to get as many of them soaked in water that I could. While I was doing this, this song called "Manhattan" by Björk (which does not exist), began to be played. Apparently it was on the soundtrack for the movie. It was actually a really amazing song, and I liked it a lot.

January 7th, 2017Edit

  • Me and my dad traveled to Lithuania in order to speak with my grandparents. My grandma was very rude and didn't speak English, so she just yelled at me in Lithuanian. My grandpa was very shy and didn't say anything, despite speaking English. I wanted to stay for a long time and play with their dog, but my dad desperately wanted to leave, and made us leave within ten minutes. I was very upset that he made us leave before I could put something on my Snapchat Story. Also, all the houses there were pastel-colored. Also, somehow we were able to simply drive there within thirty minutes.

January 8th, 2017Edit

  • I was in France on vacation with my dad. However, I was somewhat of a secret agent. I don't remember everything that I did, but I do remember jumping out of a plane into the ocean, and accidentally stepping on a bunch of heroin needles. Then, me and my dad had to go on some mission and get these cards from around France. So we went to this café/restaurant, and there was one of the cards we needed on a donut platter. So, my dad got the card and took a donut too, but the maître d' saw him and told him that now he had to sit down and eat, and in general was being very rude to my dad. So, there was this tradition at this restaurant where like your table would seat your party, and then like five other parties at the restaurant. So, my dad kept like going up to people and asking them if they wanted to sit at our table, but they were being extremely rude back to him. Eventually, we did get people but they were still being so rude, so he just walked off and left. I was being reasonably annoyed too, and just pulled the tablecloth out from the table and broke all the plates and everything, and ran away with my dad into our car. I then started texting in my group chats about what I did, and they though it was so hilarious.

January 15th, 2017Edit

  • (This was long and I only semi-remember it) Shan got a job in America and we were all super proud. She left and settled in Upstate New York, and we didn't hear from her again. Then fast forward about 5 years, I happened to be in Upstate New York, and I heard someone mention her. I then found out that she was living in Canada now and had a husband and two kids.

January 21st, 2017Edit

  • I was inside of like a superhero video game, but instead of being myself I was Noora from Skam, and I was fighting people on like the streets within my neighborhood. And I remember we were fighting in Ronkonkoma and then the bad guy got away so I was like "yessss, we get to go to Oakdale now", and like the street we were on was an actual street by my house.

January 24th, 2017Edit

  • I was in class and my professor gave me and a few other students slices of pizza. However, this really angered the people that didn’t get any pizza. The people who got pizza had to go into hiding from the people who didn’t, because they were vampires who were trying to get us. However, I knew that it was all a game and that they were’t actually vampires and they didn’t actually want to kill us. I ended up finishing my pizza before everyone else and just left the bathroom I was locked in because I didn’t want to just sit in there forever, waiting to win. As soon as I left, I just stood there and put my arms out, and my Polish friend Daria got me and turned me into a vampire. I then got kinda pissy since because I got turned I couldn’t win the game, even though I only got turned because I finished my pizza and was bored, and I could’ve just stayed locked in that bathroom and won.

January 25th, 2017Edit

  • I was back in high school with Marissa and Grace, and we were talking about if Bayshore (a rival high school) guys had bigger dicks than Connetquot guys. So we went undercover to Bayshore and tried to see as many dicks as possible. Then, we were on a Connetquot bus discussing our findings, and I showed Marissa a drawing of all the dicks I saw. A hippie teacher who kinda reminded me of my sophomore English teacher saw us, and I thought we’d get in trouble but she just started talking about why sex ed is necessary and was really cool.

January 26th, 2017Edit

  • So I was at a Christmas party held by this girl named Mackenzie, who I'm not even friends with in real life. Her mom came in and started handing out cards to everyone who was there. I opened my card and it was $7,250. I then went to Liana and saw she got $11,259. I was shocked that they were giving away so much money to people. The next day I was talking to this girl (my girl crush lol) who was apparently Mackenzie's sister, and told her how much money her mom gave me. She told me that she didn't give me $7,250 and that it was actually just $250. I didn't believe her, but when I showed her the card she pointed out the the 7 was actually a 1, and below the amount it said "minus $1,000". I was kinda upset about it. I was then at a meeting, and saw Mackenzie's apparent brother, and told him about the situation. He told me to come see his mom so we could figure it out. His mom was apparently a nurse who worked at school, so he called her in, and she gave a kid in the class a shot (the needle was the size of a power drill though). I then asked her if she gave me $7,250 or $250, and she told me it was the latter. However, she then felt bad for me and ended up giving me $7,000 anyways. Apparently, Liana didn't really get $11,259 either.

February 2017Edit

February 6th, 2017Edit

  • I was back in high school sitting in the gymnasium during gym. We were getting a presentation by all the gym teachers. For some reason, one of my high school English teachers was there. He snuck off with this white trash girl I knew and they had sex in the locker room. Everyone knew that they did, but no one like mentioned it or told somebody. Also, I was accused by a gym teacher for stealing a girl's purse.
  • My friend Alexa thought that Vicky's mom was my mom for some reason, and told me that "my mom" was her doctor, and how much she loved her.

February 7th, 2017Edit

  • So this dream started out where I was in some sort of bad neighborhood, that looked like Los Angeles. This scary guy was standing near me, and I thought I was gonna get killed, so I ran away. Somehow, I ran back in time, and ended up in the 1960s. I was then gonna go to an amusement park which was built on the street where I live, but I was transported into modern-day. I went on a rollercoaster with my grandma, and then me and my friends went inside. We started quoting Skam for some reason, and then I just started speaking in Norwegian to them (it was all perfectly comprehensible Norwegian too, which was odd). As I was talking some stranger asked me if I was Norwegian, and before I could answer, my friend was just like "We aren't Norwegian, she's just being an ass". So then I told her to go suck a dick. Suddenly I was back in the 1960s. There was a curtain blocking the room adjacent to the one I was in, but I could hear girls saying "stop doing that" over and over again. Everybody in the room I was in heard it, so we drew back the curtain and looked. There were a bunch of men who continued aging from the 1960s to modern-day, that were throwing basketballs at the heads of women who were aging from the 1960s to modern-day, while they were roller skating around the room. I thought it was the funniest thing that I've ever seen, and started hysterically laughing. A bunch of people I know in real life started walking into the room nonchalantly and throwing basketballs at people as well.

February 20th, 2017Edit

  • I was at a party with my friend Brendan and this this girl I know Marina who was actually a boy in the dream (it was weird though because she was just completely a guy but I knew she was this girl Marina I don't know how). We decided to ditch the party and go get tattoos with the boy Marina, but then me and Brendan ditched him/her and had sex.
  • There was this game at school where everyone was put into a different colored team and somehow you had to win using soap suds (I don't know the details of the game). I was on the red-orange team ( 1) I think, 2) Weird color for a team I know). Also, I was "accidentally" dating this girl on my team because she thought I was a lesbian and I felt bad correcting her.

February 21st, 2017Edit

  • So somehow I became some sort of social media star (either a famous Instagramer or YouTuber or something, I don't know). I dropped out of school to focus on my career but started doing private tutoring so I could still get my degree (I don't even know if you can do that but hmmm okay). So I was at my private tutoring section and my tutor told me this story of how she won Miss Missouri Teen USA once (even though she was fat). Then I was transported into an auditorium with a bunch of other supposed social media stars (they weren't real), and someone gave us a gigantic cookie. The people I was sitting with each took little parts of the cookie but I took basically half of it and was like "I'm an adult I can do what I want", and they were all like "Hahahaha no you're not you're 15".

June 2017Edit

June 28th, 2017Edit

  • In the year 1980, I was recruited to become a porn star and was sent to porn star training. When everyone was there, we were split into two separate locker rooms: one for straight males and one for females and gay men. For some reason I was one of the gay men and after this revelation I realized I was actually in a male body now too. I remember specifically being upset that I was a man because I wanted to be a sexy girl. While we were waiting to be assigned to locker rooms, I saw my friend Gabby and she made me kiss her on the cheek. There was also a middle-aged alcoholic woman who kept kissing me until I broke away from her. We all picked lockers in the locker room and I was next to this hot guy who I assumed was another gay porn star. I tried starting conversation but he just ignored me and left. Then, I went to use a urinal and while I was in the bathroom one of the weird guys in the locker room came up to me. He said that there was something weird happening here, but I kinda ignored him and left. Then I woke up lmao.

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