Delilah-Alma Relationship
Shipname Dalma
Status Good friends
First met OFIBTY Wiki
On the family tree Sisters

The Delilah-Alma Relationship is the relationship between Delilah and Alma. They are often reffered to as Dalma.

They were introduced to each other when Nina began inviting her real-life friends to the wiki. Upon meeting, Delilah and Alma hit it off due to their similar music tastes.


  • Delilah has stated that Alma is her favourite Croat (besides Nina).
  • Their music tastes are very similar.
  • They have nearly opposite personality types with Delilah being ENTP and Alma being INFJ.
  • Several months before they met, Nina showed Delilah her class picture and Delilah stated how she wanted to befriend Alma because she was wearing a Nirvana shirt.

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