Delilah-Ellie Relationship
Shipname Dellie
Status Friends
First met The Glee Mission wiki
On the family tree Niece/Aunt

The Delilah-Ellie Relationship is the friendship between Delilah and Ellie. They are often referred to as Dellie or Elilah.


Quotes Edit

Delilah: bye-bye my precious little Scottish girl
Ellie: bye-bye my precious little American chic

—Delilah and Ellie


  • They are also known as the wiki prostitute (Delilah) and the wiki tomboy (Ellie).
  • Delilah calls Ellie her "precious little Scottish girl" and Ellie calls Delilah her "precious little Swedish chic".
  • They are both Pisces and are both born in March, and their birthdays are twelve days apart.
  • They are both awesome writers.

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