Delilah-Justin Relationship
Hipster couple had and stripes
Shipname Dustin
Status BFFs
First met OFIBTY Wiki
On the family tree Cousins

The Delilah-Justin Relationship is the relationship between Justin and Delilah . They are often reffered to as Dustin or Julilah.


  • They often berate Shan together.
  • They both like listening to indie music. 
  • They both love Skins, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Sense8.
    • Their favorite Skins character is Effy. 
    • Delilah introduced Justin to Skins, while he introduced Delilah to Game of Thrones. 
  • Justin came tied in first place in Delilah's questions poll.
  • Nina loves them sfm.
  • They didn't speak much on chat at first, and Delilah said no when Justin asked her to wiki prom.
    • However, they ended becoming much closer after that, with Delilah calling Justin her closest guy friend on the wiki and Justin calling Delilah his closest girl friend on the wiki.

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