Nie ma lepszych od naszych słowianek.

Delilah-Nina Relationship
Shipname Dina
Bill Ricka
Members Delilah
Status BFFs
Place on the Family Tree Sisters

The Delilah-Nina Relationship (aka "the russian sluts") is the relationship between Delilah and Nina. They are often referred to as Dina.


  • Nina is one of Delilah's little sluts.
  • They're the wiki's main bitches.
  • Delilah is to Nina as Katniss is to Rue Icon-kiss.gif
  • Their theme song is "Sexy Naughty Bitchy" by Tata Young.
  • Tyler thinks they're the best daughters he could ever ask for.
  • This is the best-looking relationship page on the wiki.
  • They both love beauty pageants and Eurovision.
  • Their taste in food is very different.
  • They have a pretty similar taste in music.
  • They both have a passion for foreign languages.
  • They're mentally connected.
  • They both support Bernie Sanders and the Green Party.
  • They have similar/same opinions on mostly everything.
  • They have similar personalities.
  • According to the official Divergent aptitude test, they are both Amity.
  • They're both Slavic with Delilah being Polish and Nina being Croatian.


Delilah: i feel like we were like meant to meet each other though yknow, like we're so alike, it was written in the stars for us to meet

Nina: im in love with you
Delilah: :O
Delilah: nina
Delilah: i love u too
Nina: :O let's get married
Delilah: no
Nina: :(
Nina: why not
Delilah: im already married
Delilah: to gay porn
Nina: break up with her for me
Delilah: but i love her
Nina: but u love me too D:
Delilah: just give me some time to figure this out
Nina: fine
Nina: you have 8 minutes




A candid video of Deli and Nina

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