Delilah-Sean Relationship
Shipname Dean
Status Best friends
First met OFIBTY Wiki
On the family tree Cousins

The Delilah-Sean Relationship is the relationship between Delilah and Sean. They are commonly referred to as Dean or Selilah.


  • They love to sass each other.
  • They both really enjoy politics and agree with each other on nearly every issue.
  • They both will casually identify as Democrats but personally identify more with the Green Party.
  • They both support Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign.
  • They're both from the Northeastern United States.
  • Delilah often makes fun of Sean being a Bostonian and Sean makes fun of Delilah being a Yorkie.
  • Most songs Delilah loves, Sean hates, and vice versa.
  • They frequently have conversations about politics or other topics they find interesting late into the night until Sean decides to go to sleep.


Delilah: [rambles about not understanding why her grandfather is called "Hank" rather than his real name "Henryk"]
Sean: prob cuz yelling Hank is to some extent more "acceptable" for lack of a better word than yelling Henryk
Delilah: everyone calls him hank normally though
Sean: Shrug-1-.gif I don't fuckin' live with you people
Delilah: DEAD

Tyler: [talks about chicken soup being overrated]
Delilah: never had it and dont intend to
Sean: Well now with a comment like that I gotta force Deli to have chicken noodle soup
Delilah: im a vegetarian u skank
Sean: Well I guess you're shit out of luck and jolly well fucked, Deli

Delilah: [mentions Tyler is her half-brother]
Sean: Deli I hope you know I've come to never believe a word out of your mouth with all your pranks and self-admitted compulsive lying

Delilah: [talks about her need to be controversial]
Delilah: whats another thing i needed to feel controversial about
Sean: Literally anything Deli

Tyler: Sean, what would happen if I went into your high school and shouted "Fuck Tom Brady"
Sean: You'd prob get the ol' rough and tumble
go fisticuffs with a couple of rude dudes
Delilah: i stg sean is secretly from the 1940s


National Anthem of USSR03:45

National Anthem of USSR

Their friendship anthem (selected by Sean)


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