Delilah-Shan Relationship
Shipname New York River, Dhan, or Shanilah
Status Dating but not actually
First met OFIBTY Wiki

The Delilah-Shan Relationship is the relationship between Delilah and Shan. They are often referred to as New York River, Dhan or Shanilah.


  • Madeout once when Shan got drunk
  • They're complete opposites when it comes to most things.
  • Both are left handed.
  • Both suffer from different types of OCD.
  • Put aside their differences and both said the things that they both like.
  • Shan tickles Deli's pickle.
  • Deli flicks Shan's clit.
  • They love scissoring each other.
  • Deli got Shan to finally listen to Halsey.
  • Even if they don't admit it, Shan secretly likes most of what Deli links in chat. (even though I just admitted it)


Shan: *secretly makes out with a girl cuz im drunk and idk whut i'm doing*
Delilah: *is the girl Shan makes out with*
Nasia: Emoticon-00140-rofl.gif

—Shan, Delilah and Nasia