Eloise-Shan Relationship
Shipname Shelly


Status Best friends
First met OFIBTY wiki
On the family tree Sort-of strangers (Shan is Ellie's brother's girlfriend)

The Eloise-Shan Relationship is the friendly relationship between Ellie and Shan, and is commonly refered to as  Shellie, Shelly or Ellan.


  • The two love rocking out on, and have done lots of challenges and duets together.
  • There two are both British, with Shan being English and Ellie being Scottish.
  • Both agree that this describes them both perfectly.
  • Shan thinks the two are more alike then Ellie thinks they are.
  • The two Skype each other a lot.
  • Ellie made Shan play Slendytubbies, and Shan got too scared to carry on.
  • In a game of Fuck, Marry and Kill, Shan married Ellie because the vows say 'until death do us part', so Ellie would have to put up with Shan till they both died.
  • Shan is mad at Ellie because she doesn't watch Skins (well, she does now), Eurovision or Waterloo Road.
  • They have both uploaded selfies of themselves holding cute teddy bears Emoticon_laughing.png (But Ellie deleted hers AYKM).
  • Ellie once tried to shout "Fuck", but her iPod's auto-correct changed it to "Duck", which Shan found hilarious, and still teases her about it to this very day.
  • Shan is always wanting Ellie to tell her about her bad days, so she (Ellie) can get rid of her worries, but she never does and it irritates Shan Emoticon_angry.png.
  • They 2093.gif once.
  • They both suffer from insomnia.
  • Both also suffer from mild depression at times, and one suffers from several different types of OCD.


Ellie: DUCK Emoticon_angry.png
Auto correct AYKM

Shan: HAHAHAHA DUCK Loolemoticon

Ellie: It's dead lonely how everyone is round here making out *cough*jasia*cough*shark*cough*dohn*cough* and I'm here like I LOVE OFIBTY AND PIZZA AND SLEEPING ON MY BED 12 HOURS A DAY. AYKM Forever alone Emoticon_laughing.png
Shan: Just this once ellie ok? AYKM
Ellie: hmm?
Shan: 2093.gif Just this once. AYKM
Ellie: o.O... fuck it. 2093.gif


  • Ellie calling Shan on Skype
  • Shan with her Teddy bear (Snowy)