This page contains several emoticons that are often used on pages on this wiki's. This page can't be confused with the MediaWiki page, since that page is for chat, this is for the wiki. Also note that some commands are different from chat.

The idea of the page is coming from Mau, who started it.


Normal emoticonsEdit

AshamedEmo = {{ashamed}}
Emoticon_content.png = {{content}}
Emoticon_frustrated.png = {{frustrated}}
Happy_crying.gif = {{happycrying}}
Emoticon_laughing.png = {{grin}}
Emoticon_happy.png = {{happy}}
Emoticon_angry.png = {{mad}}
Puh.png = {{puh}}
Emoticon_sad.png = {{sad}}
Shyemoticon = {{shy}}
Emoticon_silly.png = {{silly}}
Suprisedemoticon = {{surprised}}
Emoticon_unamused.png = {{unamused}}
Emoticon_indifferent.png = {{unsure}}
Whistleemoticon2 = {{whistle}}
Emoticon_wink.png = {{wink}}
Emoticon_yes.png = {{yes}}

Gif emoticonsEdit

Angel.gif = {{angel}}
Angry_by_CookiemagiK.gif = {{angry}}
Cheer.gif = {{cheer}}
Emoticon-00137-clapping.gif = {{clap}}
Cool.gif = {{cool}}
Crying.gif = {{crying}}
Emoticon-00114-dull.gif = {{eyeroll}}
Facepalm.gif = {{facepalm}}
Giggle.gif = {{giggle}}
Jajaja.gif = {{haha}}
Heart_rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif = {{heart}}
High_Five.gif = {{highfive}}
Hug-Emoticon-1-.gif = {{hug}}
Icon-kiss.gif = {{kiss}}
2093.gif = {{makeout}}
Emoticon-00123-party.gif = {{party}}
Emoticon-00140-rofl.gif = {{rofl}}
Icon-rock.gif = {{rock}}
Icon_salut.gif = {{salut}}
Smiley-shocked032.gif = {{shock}}
Shrug-1-.gif = {{shrug}}
SMHEmoticon.gif = {{smh}}
Squee.gif = {{squeal}}
Woohoo.gif = {{woohoo}}


Megustaemoticon = {{megusta}}
Derpemoticon = {{derp}}
AYKM = {{km}}
Loolemoticon = {{lool}}
Noemoticon = {{no}}
Straightfaceemoticion = {{pokerface}}
TrollEmoticon = {{troll}}
Fmemoticon = {{victory}}
Yaomingemoticon = {{yao}}

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