Note: No longer empty

  • WHY?????? Crying.gif
  • Hi! It's John!
    • Hi John!
    • Yes we did!
      • Yourface
      •  Increase IndentNasi's butt
        • Yay!
        • Nice!
        • Nasi eats it
          • Eats who?
            • Mine. It tastes amazing!
            • Ditto
            • Awesome
            • Doesnt come back on chat, instead surfs tumblr Emoticon-00114-dull.gif
            • k
            • NO K DAMMIT Angry_by_CookiemagiK.gif
              • Thanks for brining my butt into this conversation. Nene (my butt) appreciates it Heart_rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif
                • It's a lovely butt
                  • We dont appreciate Nene.
                  • Yes we do.
                  • Nene's adorable, I see her every night.
                  • Good to know Emoticon_yes.png
                  • WTF is Nene doing here?
                  • Ask Lele why Nene is here
                    • YOU ARE ALL FUCKING RETARDED
                    • And proud of it Allears.png
                    • Thanks Tyler.
                      • Hay Nene!
                      • He loves us.
                        • And the reason of this page and conversation is...
                      • Because it shows how crazy we really are
                        • CRAZY FTW! Icon-rock.gif
                          • Still wondering what the reason of this page is...
                          • TWERK TWERK TWERK MOTHERFUCKERS<3
                          • TWERKING Icon-rock.gif
                          • *twerks*

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