FAME Magazine
Author Mark
Genre Sitcom
Rating Everyone

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Episode 2Edit


It was a rainy Friday morning, and Ellie had just left for work. Mark sat on the couch with a laptop on his lap, thinking about his newly-founded magazine. It hadn't been created and no-body was officially on board, but he was sure it was going to be a big success. "Let's see," Mark muttered to himself. "Natalya on fashion. I'm on entertainment. Tom can do sports. But what can Ellie do? She's good at everything, so it'll be hard for her to assign her to one section." Mark sat and thought deep and hard, while the thunderstorm crashed on the window pane. He thought long and hard, but nothing came.

Coffee ShopEdit

Ellie walked into the shop, drenched by the rain. Her clothes were all soaked and she was dripping rain all around the shop. Tom saw her come in and quickly escorted her into one of the staff rooms.

"My umbrella broke in the middle of the rain" she moaned. Emoticon-00114-dull.gif

"Don't worry I have a spare umbrella you can keep". Tom smiled, feeling sorry for Ellie. Emoticon_happy.png

Tom and Ellie had always been close together. Whenever Tom had made a mistake or Ellie had got the customer order wrong they had always forgiven each other and laughed about it. There was always something more about them. Maybe a too-long-hug or a smile that lasted a long way. Many regular customers called them 'Tellie' because it is a portmanteau of both their named put together. They both insisted that they were only work-buddies but the real hidden truth is that they really liked each other; they just didn't know it yet.

Natalya's HouseEdit

Mark reached Natalya's house. It was now sunny and if you look really closely you could see a rainbow. There were puddles everywhere, as he walked up to her front door. Mark knocked on her door. Out of nowhere, he heard a voice saying: "Who is it?"

"Satellite Company. I'm here to fix your satellite." Mark stuttered. Puh.png

"I use cable", he heard the same voice say.

Mark put on a straight-face. He had been found out within 5 seconds. Straightfaceemoticion.png

Natalya opened the door.

"You're the worst liar ever" she smiled. "Come in." Tongue_out.gif

Mark entered her house. It looked really sharp and the furniture was top class. He glanced at her shoe rack, which was filled with 256 different colors of the same type of shoe.

"I'm sorry I got you fired" Mark apologized. "I feel bad, and if you want we can go to the store and get your job back." Derpemoticon.png

"It's okay" Natalya smirked. "But I do have a way for you to make it up to me. I want to still be in your fashion magazine, especially because it's about me." Emoticon_laughing.png

Mark blinked. Emoticon_confused.png

"It is about me right?" She frowned, and then her head turned into a position which Mark found uncomfortable. Emoticon_frustrated.png "IT IS ABOUT ME ISN'T IT?!" Natalya looked angry. Emoticon_angry.png

Mark was speechless. "Um...."

Natalya shoved him out of her house and slammed the door in front of him. He blinked again, trying to figure out what happened in the last four minutes. Sad, he walked back to his apartment.


So Natalya was out. Mark really needed her, for fashion purposes. To get her back, she needs her weakness. Her only weakness she has is jealously. What's the opposite of losing a member? Get a whole new bunch of members. With that thought, Mark ordered pizza. A few moments later, Ellie returned home. Mark looked puzzled, as if she was wearing three hats on her head.

"That isn't the umbrella you left home with this morning" Mark questioned.Thinking.gif "You know what happened to the girl who stole from work...”

"What happened?" Ellie crossed her arms. 98343630765.png "...she died Ellie. She died."

Ellie smiled, but inside she thought about stealing from work and slightly glanced at the coffee mug sitting on the table. She quietly put it in her bag. Emoticon_frustrated.png

"Tom gave me this umbrella. It was raining heavily this morning and he gave it to me because mine broke in the rain." She answered. Heart_rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif

"Aww, did the rain drench you" Mark grinned. Emoticon-00140-rofl.gif

Ellie threw a pillow at Mark.


"Pizza's here." Mark ran up to the door with $20.00 in his left hand leaving the other one to open the door.

"JOHN?!?" Mark stared at him for a few seconds. Suprisedemoticon.png

"MARK?!?" The delivery man shouted. Suprisedemoticon.png

This is John Brewer. He went to high-school with Ellie, Mark and Natayla and formerly Tom. Wave_emoticon.gif

"Long time no see" they both said in synchronization. Isawemoticon.png

"JINX" Mark said immediately. It was the first time Mark had ever won John in a jinx game and the silence was always brutal. Emoticon-00123-party.gif The fact that you couldn't utter a single peep unless you wanted to live the next seven years of your life in bad luck was horrible.

Mark called Ellie over to see their newly discovered friend. Mark finally unjinxed him and all three of them had a lengthy-discussion about their lives after graduation. They all sat down on the couch and ate the pizza. Mark brought up his new magazine and John agreed to be in it. John also knew someone else like Phoenix Belair and who would like to be in it too. John was leaving and gave them his phone number. John was so caught up in re-finding his friends that he forgot Mark owed him $17.80.

Pizza PalaceEdit

"You were awfully long at the Washington household." John's manager asked. "How much money did you make from them?"




Saturday morning. The sky was blue and weather forecast said it won't rain like that again until two weeks later. One member lost, three members more. Things were looking up for Mark and the magazine. For now, anyway. Woohoo.gif

Episode 3Edit

Coffee ShopEdit

The coffee shop was almost full. Tuesdays were the busyest days for the shop. After their shift they were always exhausted.

"Hello there, how may I help?" Ellie asked the customer on the over side of the scones and muffins. Emoticon_content.png

"Hey bitch. Gimme a scone." The customer said rudely. Emoticon_angry.png

Ellie frowned. She had never been treated like this in her place of work before. She didn't know what to do or say. Suprisedemoticon.png

"Well, where is it? The guy continued to offend Ellie. "I'm still waiting for my coffee slowcoach." Emoticon_angry.png

Tom was in the other room, waiting for the kettle to boil to refil the coffee dispensers. The shouting from the other room was faint so he couldn't hear anything but he could sense that Ellie was in trouble. Whenever someone close to him was in trouble, he would start twitching and he would act all funny. He quickly barged the door which led to the main entrance open and left the kettle to reach boiling point. He watched the guy still offend her.

"Your slow and stupid, you shouldn't work here."

"HEY" Tom said angrily. He walked up to the counter and he wasn't amused. Emoticon_batman.png

"Listen here." he shouted firmly. "Before she even thinks of serving you with politeness or even a fraction of respect, you are going to apologize to her. And if you don't, I have a kettle which just boiled to 100o which could seriously give 1 degree burns." Emoticon_batman.png

"Sorry Ellia." the guy said frightened, yet sorry. 0262803.png

"It's Ellie." she crossed her arms. Emoticon_unamused.png

"What's the difference? I got 4/5 words right atleast give me a break?!" the guy's tone was rising, and Tom was getting angrier. "100o my friend, 100o." Tom warned him.

"Sorry Ellie." You could in his voice he was really scared. He was whimpering like a puppy. "Could I get my coffee now?"

"Sure." Ellie smiled viciously. Emoticon-00130-devil.gif

She went to the coffee room, and Tom followed behind her. She came out a minute later, and she added a free muffin for all that time wasted. He walked out of the shop, with the savory items and the drink in his hands. Everyone staring at him. He then put them in his mouth and ate it all, he even finished the drink.

Little did he know Ellie did something to his food. After that day, he never came back.


Mark brought out his 'fancy' lemonade, and poured his two friends a drink. Phoenix Belair, John Brewer. All 3 of them were at Mark's apartment, discussing their magazine.

"We need another girl" Phoenix protested. "I don't want to be the only girl in this magazine. I wouldn't find it fair and I would rage every other day." Emoticon-00179-headbang.gif

"Don't worry we've got Ellie." Mark answered. "We had Natalya before but she found the exit door." Emoticon_hmm.png

"Found the exit door?" John questioned. John was usually very smart, but he didn't get hidden meanings.

"I meant she left the group John." Mark looked at the ground.

"We need an office, with like computers and stuff to look official." John mused. "We all need to chip in to get a place and stuff." Put_your_fingers_in_the_air_by_Droneguard.gif

"Good idea" Phoneix said.

"I have an idea." Mark winked. "We all go out and look for spaces for our business to start." "I'll go with John and Phoenix see if you can get one by yourself. Agreed?" They all agreed. Icon-rock.gif

Rental Space #1Edit

It took a few hours, but Mark and John finally found a place. The owner looked scruffy. His collar was undone, it looked like he didn't shave and his shirt and jumper had various stains. John and Mark were wondering if the 'owner' was really who he said he was.

"$1,000 bucks" he shouted.

"$1,000 bucks is kinda a lot" John suggested. "Can we do it Mark?"

"Maybe. If we all chip in and use some of Ellie's money. She works hard for it, so I don't really wanna ask."

"WHAT?" The guy was still shouting. Foreveraloneemoticon.png

"We'll think about it. It's not a yes and it's not a no." Mark stated.

"IS THAT A YES I HEAR?" It was like he couldn't get any higher. Foreveraloneemoticon.png

"We'll think about it" Mark raised his tone, frowning. Emoticon_frustrated.png

"SO ITS A YES THEN?" He screamed at the top of his voice. Foreveraloneemoticon.png

"Are you deaf?" John asked him. John was asking a 'deaf' person if he was deaf. It was like a doorstep asking a doormat "what's up". Straightfaceemoticion.png

This went on for a while until they both gave up. It turns out he was deaf, and they had just been wasting their time. They both walked out of the storage center, disappointing and fed-up.

Rental Place #2Edit

Phoenix walked into the area. It was spacious and had loads of electrical sockets which could be used for computers and stuff.

"Damn, this place is good" Phoenix said, looking admirably at the white wall and floor. "We could do a lot here" she continued. "This could be my space, your space could be there". She used her hands to show where everyone's places were. The owner walked in and he used his fancy-words to get them to buy the place. He also gave her a slice of pizza each, which tempted them even more. It was pepperoni, which was her favorite.

"So I'm going to write a figure on a piece of paper and that's how much the place is to buy." The owner smiled. Giggle.gif He handed Phoenix some lemonade. He wrote, then crossed it out. He wrote another figure and crossed it out again. He glanced up at them one more time then got a new piece of paper. Then he gave them the new sheet of paper.

98343630765.png 98343630765.png 98343630765.png 98343630765.png 98343630765.png

Phoenix spat out the lemonade as if someone had told her it was poisoned.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" she screamed so hard a crack appeared on the glass of lemonade. "If Bill Gates sold Microsoft right now he still wouldn't be able to afford this!" Emoticon_no.png

"It's a reasonable amount" he spoke. Puh.png

Before the owner gave himself a chance to explain why the price was that high, she stormed out with the whole pizza in one hand and a mouth full of lemonade.

Coffee ShopEdit

Ellie was packing up her stuff, makeup, folded-up apron and other stuff. Her shift was over yet, she couldn't seem to go. Something was keeping her in the same place she had been all day. Could it be the coffee? Was it the chocolate and strawberry muffins? It was Tom. He walked in and smiled at Ellie.

"Thanks for sticking up to me earlier" Ellie grinned. Emoticon_heart.png

"Any time" Tom grinned back. Heart_rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif "I turned on the kettle a minute ago, so it should be done by now." They hugged, and just as they were leaning back they got close. They were about to kiss, when the kettle went off. BlobPink.gif They suddenly backed off, and they both left work. They held hands after the tender moment, and went off to see John and the gang.Snuggle1.gif


Phoenix, John and Mark were sitting in the room, sad and disappointed that they found nowhere to rent. Crying.gif It was sad, Mark had big hopes for the magazine and its future yet there was nobody to he could give it a home. It was like things had ended before it even begun. They all promised they would look again tomorrow, but all three of them knew that it was 'over' and nothing could be done. The magazine was finished with. Crying.gif

Mark's phone rang and he picked it up, his face was gloomy.

"Ahoy" Mark mumbled.

The person on the other line gave him an address to go to. It spoke very slowly to keep Mark on his toes. He hung the phone up, adventurous yet combined with fear. Suprisedemoticon.png

"Guys, follow me." He shouted. They all turned of the electrical appliances and came with him to the address. 976967.png

Halfway there they met Ellie and Tom.

"We were coming to see you" Ellie turned her head.

"Rain check, purple giraffe pink oranges whatever you call it, we have change of plans" Mark said hastily.

"I prefer purple giraffe, rain check is so boring" Tom whispered to Ellie. It was those little things that made Ellie think Tom was adorable. Snuggle2.gif

Secret PlaceEdit

They entered the place. Mark turned on the lights and the room all there was white paint. The room was big and had lots of electrical sockets, and an elevator on the other side.

"I think I've been here today" Phoenix stated. Megustaemoticon.png

"Who owns this place?" Tom asked Phoenix.

"Some tall guy with dark hair." Phoenix answered. "He was a ripoff."

A pretty girl walked in, with blonde hair and a smile so perfect it could turn 20 glum faces into 20 happy ones. Her necklace was full of diamonds which made the room that much brighter.

"What a perfect way to describe one of your closest friends, Phoenix" Natalya entered the room, as if a spotlight beamer was on her. Emoticon_laughing.png

Nataltya owned this. Mark ran up to her and their hug lasted for twenty seconds. This was a suprize for everyone else as they haven't her in ages. They all sat on the floor and reminisced while Mark and John tried the elevator and the stairs. There were three floors, ground first and second.

"I have one question." Mark smiled. Emoticon_happy.png

"Me first, Mark." Natalya smiled back. "I will give you this three-floored space for free, if you do me one thing." Emoticon_happy.png

"I'm sorry I got you fired."

"Not that. Let me rejoin the magazine." Natalya knew the answer to the question.

"Of course." Shy-1-.gif

Everyone celebrated and Natalya got what she called 'fancy' lemonade. They sat on the stairs and toasted to themselves. Once again, things were getting better for the magazine. They just needed one thing, a name.

Future Episode IdeasEdit