• Joey will delete this page in the morning Emoticon-00140-rofl.gif
  • ok good.... xD
  • Did you seriously create this? xD
  • o.o
  • nope John did.... well, we were talking in blue in chat and i said "I like talking in blue" and then john ended up clicking on it and creating the page
  • Ugh, of course he did.
  • XD
  • Meow Emoticon_laughing.png
  • Joey became a huge fan of this page and decided to never delete it.
  • lmfaooooooooo
  • Delete it Emoticon_angry.png
    • Noemoticon
  • Whoever said to delete it is a bitch ;-;
  • it was ellie
  • i like pie
  • I love this page
  • I fucked up, up there xD
  • Guess what I'm drinking right now Squee.gif
  • Shit mixed with water?
  • Probably Shrug-1-.gif.

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