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I will randomize names using randomizer, and the person who is 1st is the 'queen' for that round, meaning they can't play in that round. Next I will pick a for instance or a situation and you will have to give the best response possible. When you have all submitted me your answers, I will then give feedback, and send someone to the bottom two. The winner of the randomizer also gets to send someone to the bottom two, and the remaining contestants gets to pick who leaves (out of the bottom two), and whoever gets the most votes, leaves the competition.

Contestant Progress

1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8
Nasia  IN   IN  QUEEN
John  IN   IN 
Delilah  RISK  QUEEN
Mau  IN   RISK 
Lily  IN   IN   OUT 
Ellie QUEEN  IN   OUT 
Rae  IN   OUT 
Tyler  OUT 

 IN  This contestant was safe this round.
 QUEEN  This contestant is the 'queen' for this round.
SKIP  This skipped the question.
 RISK  This contestant was in the bottom two and risked leaving the competition.
 RISK  The contestant was put in the bottom two by the queen.
 OUT  This contestant was voted off the competition.
 OUT  This contestant was voted off the competition after being put in the bottom two by the queen.
 OUT  This contestant was off the competition.

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