Jessy-Nasia Relationship
1420661 1845775
Shipname Nessy
Status TWINS
First met Degrassi wiki
On the family tree Jajaja.gif

The Jessy-Nasia relationship is the relationship between Jessy and Nasia. They are often reffered to as Nessy.


  • They both live in Maryland (Jessy stalks Nasia)
  • They are the same age (17)
  • They like to use the emote Jajaja.gif
  • Nasia always laughs at the way Jessy makes fun of everyones fails
  • They both watch Bad Girls Club.
    • They both hate Jennifer.
  • While Jessy loves the Degrassi Wiki Chat, Nasia hates it.
  • If Nasia, Delilah and John didn't invade Wiki Chat, this relationship would have never existed.
  • They like to change their dp's frequently

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