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Welcome to King of the Users!


I am making this a spin-off of King of the Nerds. Even though some of you hate that show. It has nothing nerdy to it. It is just a regular competition. There will 11 contestants split into two teams. Each week the two teams will fight against the other in the User War. Whichever team wins the User War, the team will be safe. The team that loses will by the end of the week, have 2 people from their team, fighting to stay. The winning team will pick one person to go into the User-Off. Then the losing team will select one person from their own team to go in. Then, the two will face off of each other and whoever wins will go back to playing the game. The loser will leave. The last one standing left in the game, will be able to sit upon the Throne of Users!


  • John Doe
  • Mollie King
  • Ted Bed


Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Brandon WIN Nadia
Ellie WIN Nadia
Emmett IN Nadia
Tom IN Nadia
Mark IN Nadia
Mau IN Brandon
Nasia IN Brandon
Nadia WIN Brandon

 IN  The person was on the losing team but didn't go into the User-Off.
 WIN  This team won the User War.
 SAFE  The person was given immunity for the week.
 QUIT  This user quit.
 RISK  The person went into the User-Off and won.
 OUT  This user lost the User-Off and left the competition.

*Note- the name is the person they voted into the User- Off

Episode 1: Welcome to User-vana!Edit

                                                                           PART 1Edit


John: Welcome to King of the Users! I'm your host, John. Let us meet our other judges!

Mollie: Hi I'm Mollie King!

John faints.

Ted: Hi I'm your other co-host, Ted Bed.

John: Seriously? Ted.... Bed.... WTF. Who the hell gave you that name?

Ted: Shut the fuck up.

Mollie: Hey! Watch it you two!

John: Sorry m'am!

Mollie: Anyways, let's meet our contestants this season!

Contestants come walking towards User-vana.

Mau DR: I am gonna win this!

Nasia DR: This place is the shit!

John: Welcome fellow users!

Users: Hi!

Ted: You will be split into 2 teams... Now, there are 11 of you. So there will be one person left in the end. Now, let's see who the team captains are. The captain's only duty is to pick the first person on their team. After that, there will be no captains. Let's see who our boy captain is.

Draws name out of a bag.

Mollie: Mark.

John: Let's see who the girl captain is......

Draws name out of bag.

Mollie: Ellie.

Now, you two are now able to pick your first teammate. But first.....

John pours purple slime on Mark's head and green slime on Ellie's head.

Ted: Okay, Mark you will pick person to join you on the Purple Team and Ellie you will pick the first person on the Green Team.

Mollie: Ellie, pick a name for your team.

Ellie: Team Webbles.

Mollie: Mark?

Mark: Team Rofl.

Mollie: Okay then.

Ellie pours green slime on Delilah's head.

Mark pours purple slime on Nasia's head.

John: Now Ellie and Mark will pick someone else.

Ellie pours green slime on Joey's head.

Mark pours purple slime on Shrek's head.

Ted: Time for the third pick!

Ellie pours green slime on Nadia's head.

Mark pours purple slime on Mau's head.

Ted: Final pick!

Ellie pours green slime on Brandon' head.

Mollie: It is down to Shan and Emmett.....

Mark pours purple slime on Emmett's head.

Shan starts crying.

                                                                          PART 2Edit


John: Everybody go stand by your team. And Shan stay right there. 

Ted: Even though you were not picked, you are the luckiest person on this show. That is because you have been given immunity for 1 week! You can not be put up but you can compete in the User War.

Shan: Oh my gosh! YES!

Everybody has a shocked face.

Tom: Fuck this! Can we start this over so I get a week immunity?

                                                                          PART 3Edit


John: Which team do you want to win the User War?

Shan: The winners are Team Rofl.

Rofl Team- Yes!

John: Webbles.... You will need to send 1 person from your team into the User-Off. Team Rofl, you will also need to send someone from the Webbles team into the User-Off. You have 2 hours to decide. Go!

The Rofl Room

Shan: OMG! I'm safe!

Brandon: I think the biggest threat is Tom. 

Delilah: Yeah.

Joey leaves the room.

Ellie: Joey..........

Nadia: Why did he leave?

Shan: I don't know.

John: Calling all users!

Users come out to the front.

Mollie: We have some horrible news.....

Ted: Joey has decided to quit.

John: For personal reasons.

Ted: Since the Green Team is down a member, Shan, you are now on the Green Team.

Mollie: With that being said, there will be no User-Off and everybody is safe this week! Now go get ready for next week!


Episode 2: Check User-MateEdit

       PART 1    


Tom: Wow. 

Tom DR: It was sad to see Joey leave. I mean, he was a really nice guy. I feel really bad.

Shan: Wow. I'm still here for  week!  I am so happy! Everybody, we should celebrate!

Nadia: Shan! We're sad. Joey just quit the game!

Shan: Yeah but you guys should be happy I'm still here!

Nasia: Shan! Shut the fuck up! We are already tired of you. Just leave us alone!

Shan starts crying and goes into the Rofl Room

Brandon: Nasia! Was that reallly called for?

Ellie: Yeah seriously!

Nasia: She deserved it. We've been here for 6 hours and she has already been a big bitch!

Delilah: Nasia stop! That's really mean!

Nasia: Ugh! You guys just make me wanna quit! I'm going to bed.

                                                                 PART 2


Unknown: John, Mollie, Ted.......... I'm quitting!

Ted: What?

Mollie: Why?

John: Not again!

Unknown: No one is agreeing to what I'm saying!

John: Are you sure?

Unknown: Positive.

Ted: Ok.

John: You may now leave.

The person leaves.

Mollie: Calling all users!

All the users come out.

Ted: Why do we keep meeting like this? Um anyways, another one of your fellow housemates has decided to quit.

Tom: Oh no!

John: It was.........

Mollie: Shan.

Nasia has shocked look on face.

John: Unfortunately the game will have to continue.

Ted: With that being said, your User War will be....... User Trivia!

They play the trivia game

John: The winner, is...... Team Webbles!

Nasia: AAaaahhh!!!!!

Mark: R0FL

Ted: But that's not all! We have something "special" for one of you guys.

Mau: Oh god!



John: We have a new crew member!

Shan: I'm back bitches!

Mollie: Shan is here for Immunity Time!

Shan: That is right. Whichever team win the User War, will have a chance for immunity for the week and since they are on the winning team, the immunity is not having to vote so they have no pressure on themselves..... Or, they could give another person from the other team to have immunity! So let's see who gets immunity!

Shan spin the Immunity Wheel

The arrow lands on Mark

John: Mark.

Ted: Thank you Shan. You may now leave.

Shan: Bye guys!

Ted: Mark. Now are you gonna keep your immunity or pass it?

Mark: I will give it to Delilah!

John: Okay. Now go back to UserVana!



John: Calling all users!

The users come downstairs

Mollie: It's time to reveal the votes! Let's start with Team Webbles's votes.....

John: The first vote goes to....... Nadia.

John: The second vote goes to..... Brandon.

John: And the final vote goes to..... Brandon, you will be going into the User-Off.

Brandon: Okay.

Mollie: Now here is Team Rofl's votes.

Ted: The first vote goes to..... Nadia.

Ted: The second vote goes to.... Nadia.

Ted: The third vote goes to... Nadia, you will be going to the User-Off.

Mollie: Nadia. Brandon. Step forward and bend the knee.

John: You both need to write a 8-10 sentence paragraph and plead to John why you should stay. Please put your plead in the comments. Good luck Emoticon_laughing.png

Ted: After the results, Brandon scored a 48/50 and Nadia, you scored........ 31/50.

Brandon: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Gargafunkeleajgrs!

Mollie: Yes Brandon! You made it to next week.

John: Nadia, you have a good job but you have to leave.

Nadia's picture goes to black and says Game Over

Episode 3: Ice Cream & PenguinsEdit

Last time on King of the Users..... 11 contenders entered the kingdom. After the

first week, two users quit. And last week, in the bottom two was Brandon and

Nadia... After a vigorous campaign, Brandon managed to fight for another week.


Brandon: Woah. Was it just me or did it feel like it took a month just for those judges to move onto the next round.


John: Your next User War is for everyone on your team, each to solve a Rubixs Cube. Okay?

Mollie: Ready, set GO!!!!