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Lead The Careers

An all-round awesome person.

Lead The Careers, also known as Eloise or Ellie, is a member of the OFIBTY wiki.

In the current family tree, she is the daughter of Andrew and Tiffany, and the sister of Mark and Liz.


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  • She can sing, and play guitar, and has an account on where a few of her covers are.
  • Is called "Fire Eyes" by her family, as her eyes are amber and often look orange.
  • She is a talented dancer, and knows the dance to PSY's "Gangnam Style" backwards (literally).
  • Her nickname is "Impatient Elly", given to her by Joey.
  • She plays football, basketball, cricket and netball.
  • Oie 232031392orcvxDL
    She is obsessed with the urban legend of Slenderman.
  • She loves and watches horror films, and often writes horror stories.
  • She has read all of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books, and seen all the films at least twice.
  • In middle school she joined theatre club, but quit because the people there were horrid to her.
  • She ships Jarley, Puckleberry, St. Berry and Brochel.
  • She shipped Finchel during Season One, but gave up on them cause Finn treated Rachel badly in S2 and S3.
  • Plays "Slender" at least three times a week.
  • She wants to live in the USA.
  • She is dying for Glee: Season 4 to air over in England.
  • She is tired of all the lies going round.
  • She believes everything happens for a reason - there's no such thing as a coincidence.
  • She likes animated Disney films, like Brave and Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 etc.
  • She is an only child.
  • She is probably the quickest typer this side of the planet.
  • Is seriously sarcastic - seriously. The people on chat know that.
  • She believes in ghosts, and her house is haunted.
  • Very rarely has nightmares, but when she does, they are terrifying.
  • She is a member of The Laylas.
  • She can't sleep when the door is open, not even slightly, and she must be listening to something, whether it be music or gameplays, or anything. Also, there can't be any light in the room - she gets easily distracted.
  • She's nocturnal, and prefers sleeping in the day and playing video games all night.
  • She plays first-person shooter games several times a week, and is slowly getting better.
  • Hates the XDemoticon emoticon a lot. A lot.
  • She is very, very, very excited for The Slenderman film to come out.
  • Loves wearing baggy shirts, especially one of her mum's grey jumpers which she pretty much lives in at the weekends.
  • She cannot cry on command, and it takes a lot to make her cry.
  • She hates those horrible, stuck-up girls at school who bag all the boys.
  • Loves those awesome teachers who actually make learning fun.
  • Hates it when sex education starts in class, not because she hates it (that sounds really creepy), but because everyone in the class starts laughing.
  • She refuses to ever change her username unless she really, really has to.
  • Wolves are her favourite animal, as shown by the .GIF below.
  • One of her bedroom walls is literally covered in posters.
  • She loves images of coffee and cigarettes, for some reason.

Things I've CreatedEdit








  • The Real Elly, according to Joey
  • A poster of the couple I ship, made by myself.
  • A lunaii of me
  • I am part of the Wiki Council
  • My style - complete tomboy
  • I love this image :)
  • Happy Christmas, everyone!
  • This picture really freaked me out
  • My very first avatar Happy_crying.gif
  • British and proud, bitches.
  • British, bitches.
  • Summer!
  • I love this image for some reason.
  • I would eat this. I would most definitely eat this.
  • Yeah... my Google's a little weird.

The Art I've Made on this WikiEdit

  • Shoey's logo, made by me
  • Art made for Shoey
  • Shoey 's one month anniversary poster
  • Poster for The House in the Middle of Nowhere
  • A poster for the classic episode of OHSIBTY
  • The header for the New Year Wiki Prom
  • Logo for Mark's Fame Magazine
  • A quick piece of art about OFIBTY.
  • Just a quick piece of art (though I wish I hadn't included Manuel -_-)
  • A one month anniversary for Samau
  • Also in my other slideshow, a poster I made for Clato.
  • The header for the prom used for the home page
  • Christmas Card business banner
  • The banner for the cancelled competition "I'm a Contestant..."
  • Banner for the 'Jacks and Aces Character Contest'
  • The original header for OFIBTY, made by me Happy_crying.gif
  • The original wordmark for OFIBTY, made by me Happy_crying.gif
  • The Users Challenge Season Three art
  • Fight To The Finish Season 3 'Coming Soon' banner
  • A crappy Les Mis icon.
  • A thing for Justin's birthday Emoticon_laughing.png
  • Something I made for Shan's birthday

All the GIFS I OwnEdit

Desktop Backgrounds I MadeEdit

Wiki OutfitsEdit


My Awesome Quotes!Edit

I have a wicked (jn a bad way) sense of humor. For example, if I were Tulisa and Gary Barlow had a go at me for having fag-ash breath, I'd just ask him if he had sold the cradle yet.

—Eloise, demonstrating her rather cruel sense of humor.

Apparently, my best friend's brother bedded a girl on a drunken night, then when he woke up, the girl was missing and the words "Welcome to the AIDS club" was scribbled on the mirror.

—Eloise telling an infamous incident to her fellow wikians.

...Genius, Sherlock.

—Eloise's sarcastic quote when someone announces an idea that everyone already thought of.

My friend once made a soup out of what she found in the fridge. It was onion-double cream-tomato-pasta-ketchup soup. Emoticon_confused.png

And it was bloody horrible.

—Eloise telling her peers about her friend's terrible cooking.


I don't get the bunnystripper emoticon. I mean, a bunny is covered in fur. The only way it can strip is if it shaves...

—Eloise about the awesome 'Bunny stripper' chat emoticon

I don't see the point of singing lessons when you can already sing Emoticon_happy.png

—Eloise discussing her singing voice

The chances of Ellon happening are equal to the chances of John ever getting laid - f**king non-existent.

—The classic insult said by Eloise.

"'Slut'" was originally the term for women whose rooms were extremely untidy." Well, I go round sucking dicks, then.

—Ellie reading a fact from a website and giving her opinion.

"'Terrible musicians were tortured in medieval times." Someone get me Justin Bieber, One Direction and a time machine. Now.

—Ellie giving her opinion on another fact.


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