Jessica Verona
Birthday February 15th, 1987
Age 29
Gender Female
Hair color Carmel
Eye color Green
Height 5"10
Hometown Sunburn City
Nicknames Diva, Jess (Nat)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
Creator of BrandonLane (Formerly Gleek655)

Jessica Verona is a fictitious alter ego I made up a few months ago through many online games and apps. This page will detail her misadventures as a hot, young valley girl in fictional Sunburn City.


Living her whole life in Sunburn City, Jessica Verona made the decision to change her life drastically. Initially, she toured Europe with the soul intent on becoming a humanitarian; however, Jessica met Kelp Rover, a rich foreigner who courted Jessica, and introduced her to the world of sugar daddies. It was then she made the decision to spend her days as a black widow of sorts. Her best friend, Natalie Savannah Ramone, is her roommate and confidant. The two live in a two bedroom apartment adjacent to Sunburn City's beach; Natalie is in a serious relationship with Dirk Shivers--the owner of a rundown amusement park on Coconut Avenue.

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