Majority Rules is a competition that was started by Delilah. The contest has completed three seasons and is currently on its fourth. It is a questions-themed show, where each contestant competes individually and answers superlative-esque questions filling in a user on the wiki (or occasionally something else) as the answer to the question.

After all votes have been received, whichever users voted with the majority of the contestants receives a point per answer. Whoever has the least amount of points is eliminated. This continues on until there's a winner. In the final two, each finalist is paired with a secret eliminated contestant. Each matched answer results in a point being added on to that finalist's overall score, and whoever has the highest score at the end wins.


Season Contestants Winner Score Runner-Up
Majority Rules 1 7 Nasia 8 Joey
Majority Rules 2 10 Nasia 18 Joey
Majority Rules 3 10 Jessy 21 Brandon
Majority Rules 4 8 Nina 14 Justin

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