OK, lately we have had a few new members. So I decided to give them an inside map of what groups (cliques) some or all of us are in.

We have the...Edit

Sexually active Whores
(Delilah and Justin)

Sexually active Couples

People who don't talk much
(Brandon, Tom and Tyler)

People who talk WAY too much
(Alma, Deli, Justin, Nina, Sean and Shan)

Ones who obsess too much
(Alma, Deli, Justin, Nina and Shan)

Ones who don't obsess at all
(Sean and Tyler)

Best people you will ever meet
(All past and present members who haven't been banned with a legit reason)

(Just a big note: if some people are offended please feel free to tell me (Shan) or Nina, and we will sort it)
This blog was made to help people out in understanding us a bit better, this was also inspired by the movie Mean Girls


Another big note is the obsessions, I will list the people and add their obsessions next to their name.

Alma: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Attack On Titan, bands, tumblr, ships etc.

Delilah: Björk, Lana Del Rey, dying her hair, Eurovision, foreign languages, partying


Nina: YouTubers, Orange Is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Delilah, Lana Del Rey, Eurovision


Shan: Carmilla, Food, Gaming, Music, Several TV Shows, Tumblr

Tyler: Music, Football, Alcohol, Food, Annie, Girls, My guns, My hair (Im not a fucking sex addict AYKM Nina: You can't be a sex addict if you've never had sex, you're just a masturbation addict)

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