Obama-Putin Relationship
Shipname Putobama
Status Friends with benefits
Possible secret lovers
First met When they became presidents
On the family tree Not related

The Putin-Obama Relationship is the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. They are often referred to as Putobama.


  • They are both presidents
  • They have an A somewhere in their name
  • They are of different races
  • They are shipped by many


140417-barryvlad-0842 e2e8bff6b2f76a40a20cbc66db277767.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 Alg-obama-putin-jpg Fanart Hh Imagesputin Otttp Rty Slika zaslona 2015-07-06 u 21.23.50 Tumblr inline np4kz6NA1S1tnuod7 540 Tumblr nelf84tVKg1ti3jblo1 400 Tumblr nqouumkDLe1uvm9uto1 500 U0ChqWy 275px

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