Nadia-Eloise-Shan Relationship
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Shipname Shellia
Status Best friends/Skype Buddies
First met OFIBTY
On the family tree Sisters-In-Law(Shellie)/Cousins(Nellie)

The Nadia-Eloise-Shan Relationship is the friendship between NadiaShan and Ellie. They are often referred to as Shellia or Eladan.


Quotes Edit


  • They all skype with each other constantly, Shan always being the first to iniciate the skype calls.
  • Nadia always pisses them off by screaming so loud. 
  • Shan hates and laugh everytime Nadia starts head banging, because Shan says it doesn't suit Nadia because her hair is too long. 
  • Every time they do video call, Nadia is the only one who does not use any effects. 
  • Shan and Ellie are obsessed with effects. 
  • Nadia always demands the Justin Bieber mask either with Shan or Ellie. 
  • Shan always demands Nadia to wear headphones when in the skype calls.
  • Shan also changed Nadias skype name to poop and Ellies to Scottish.
  • Nadia also changed Shans skype name to TIN 
  • All 3 of them go on omegle a lot and shan has run into elly and nadia, nadia has run into shan and elly has run into shan, but Elly and Nadia haven't met each other on the website yet

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