This is your online Translator Book to learn how to decipher the ancient language of Nasian. Good luck! Or as they say in Nasian, Chicken butt!

  • Bnvm - Never mind
  • BoogaleeBoo - Meaning yet to be discovered...
  • Brbv, Bra - Synonym for brb
  • Byr - Synonym for bye
  • Chicken Butt - Multiple Meanings. Archaeologist, Andrew believes it really means Good Luck.
  • Dies - Nasia's way of telling you that she is dying of laughter
  • Dini - Female Dinosuar
  • Doni - Male Dinosaur
  • Fies - Fuck you all
  • Googaleeboogalee - The new BoogaleeBoo
  • Kag - Synonym for okay or kay
  • Laptipop - Technological sucker
  • Quesal - Squeal
  • Rifl - Rolling in the floor laughing
    • Rif - Abbreviated version
  • Tofl - The new and improved way of rifling

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