Game HistoryEdit

Week 1 [Day 1-present] The first HoH was "Minority Rules." The houseguests had to figure out which answer of a question would get the minority. For example, if a question was who was the better player; Dan or Will? and the minority went on Dan, the people who said Dan would get a point. The others wouldn't. After scoring all of the submissions, Colin won with 13 points, which meant him and Kelly were safe from eviction. Colin nominated the duoDerek and Jade for eviction. Colin and Kelly, Derek and Jade, and Kyle and David (who were randomly selected) are competing in the first PoV comeptition where they have to find the most words in a word search. David won the Power of Veto and used it on the duo Derek and Jade, and Colin renominated Masen and Leah, potentially backdooring them.

Current Houseguests [Day 22]Edit

   New Big Brother
Season 1 (2014)
Name Entry Exit Duo
Chibi Day 1
Colin Day 1
David Day 1
Jade Day 1
Jasmeen Day 1
Kaitlyn Day 1
Kevin Day 1
Kyle Day 1
Leah Day 1
Nasia Day 1
Rena Day 1
Nathaniel Day 1 Day 20
Kelly Day 1 Day 15
Derek Day 1 Day 10
Jack Day 1 Day 10
Masen Day 1 Day 5
Head of Household
Veto Winner
Golden Key
Jury Member

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