Nina-Ash Relationship
Shipname Ninash
Status Two Sluts Conjoined in Holy Matrimony
First met TGP Wiki

The Nina-Ash Relationship is the relationship between Nina and Ash. They are often referred to as Ninash or Ashina.


  • They're friends on Facebook.
  • They both like Glee, New Girl and Eurovision.
  • They're both lazy, crazy and obsessive.
  • They share a liking of Joey.
  • Nina got Ash to watch The Avengers.
  • Both ship Bruce/Natasha.
  • Both love The Maximoff Twins.
  • Are the creators of the Leo fanbase.
  • Sean has stated that they are the angriest people on the wiki.
  • They got married on the 11th February 2016 as a reason for Nina to get Shan to stay on the wiki.
  • Despite being married Ash has stated to Nina that she is like a little sister to him.
  • Have both agreed that Old Habits Die Hard is their Always.
  • No words could ever or will ever describe their love for Pringles.

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