Nina-Cael Relationship
Shipname Nael
Status Good Friends
First met The OFIBTY wiki
On the family tree Not related

The Nina-Cael Relationship is the relationship between Nina and Cael. They are often referred to as Nael.


  • Nina was scared of Cael when they first met.
  • His noises on Skype still scare her.
  • The running gag that Croats are liars was started by Cael.
  • They have an odd sort of friendship because 90% of the time they threaten to kill each other.
  • Nina has said that Cael is the hottest guy on the wiki.
  • They argue about pancakes more than it's normal.


Nina: These are real pancakes.
Cael: Those are not pancakes, that's some thin shit.
Nina: No, you put Nutella in them and roll them up.
Cael: Holy shit, that actually sounds appealing.

Cael: You all suck.
Nina: Thank you.
Cael: Not you, Nina. You swallow.

Nina: Croatia is pretty developed.
Cael: She says that like every single day.

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