Nina-Sean Relationship
Shipname Nean
Fucking Lunatics
Status Best Friends
First met OFIBTY wiki

The Nina-Sean Relationship is the relationship between Nina and Sean. They are often referred to as Nean, Sina, or Fucking Lunatics.


  • Sean angers Nina more than anyone else.
  • Sean loves quoting the things that Nina says.
  • Whenever Nina says something about someone else, Sean will make sure that the person finds out.
  • Nina hates Sean, but Sean doesn't hate her, he just likes to push all of Nina's buttons.
  • But honestly, Nina couldn't go a day without talking to Sean.
  • Shan, Brandon, Justin, Delilah, Cael, Sam, and Hannah ship them.
  • They talk on Facebook a lot; however, Nina is the one to do most of the talking as Sean just sends reaction gifs.
  • They once pulled a prank on the wiki to make everyone believe they're dating; even though most everyone said that they knew it was a prank, they all totally fell for it.
  • Sean sucked Nina's dick on August 19th, 2015.
  • They have both said that they would have oral sex with each other.
  • Badumpumtssh.
  • Their first born will be a communist nation, and they will name it Comumbia.
  • When they get married, Sean will bring her milk and PB&J to bed.
  • He will not bring her piña coladas, because he wants to help her overcome her alcoholism.


Nina: I'm fucking gonna shoot you in the fucking penis.

Brandon: You and Sean are adorbz.
Nina: Why are we adorbz?
Brandon: You're bickering cuties.
Nina: No.

Sean (to Nina): I thought that your ball popped and I was like "oh, shit".

Sean: Okay can I ask why so many people, particularly you, ship Nina and I?
Hannah: I don't know.
Hannah: Just for fun.
Hannah: And you two would be cute together.

Sean: I'm not in your veins.
Nina: yes u are sean. I can feel the taste of angry 15 year olds in my veins.

Nina: Sean, ily sfm.
Sean: The feeling's mutual, Nina.

Nina: If you had to, who on the wiki would you marry?
Sean: I'd marry you just so that we can move in together and I can constantly annoy you.


  • Nina and Sean admit to being in a sexual relationship on 24 July 2015.
  • Fangirling

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