OFIBTY High is a series created by BrandonLane which follows the members of the wikia through their daily lives. From episode two and on it began to feature singing and has twenty-one episodes for season one.


Main CastEdit

  • Steven Bradshaw
  • Tyler Daniels
  • Brandon Day
  • Justin Gonzales
  • Shan Hale
  • Delilah Hansen
  • Nina Vadjina
  • Nasia Williams


  • Ali
  • Jessy Adams
  • Rodriguez Gonzales
  • John Summers
  • Tom Rodgers



Season OneEdit

  • Episode Five:
  • Episode Six:
  • Episode Seven:
  • Episode Eight:
  • Episode Nine:
  • Episode Ten:
  • Episode Eleven:
  • Episode Twelve:

Season One Featured SongsEdit

  • Perfect by P!nk performed by Justin Gonzales
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls by The Little Mermaid performed by Shan Hale
  • The Only Exception by Paramore performed by Shan, Justin, Nasia and Delilah
  • Umbrella by Rihanna performed by Justin, Shan, and Tyler
  • You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes performed by Brandon, Delilah, and Ali
  • Gives You Hell by The American Rejects performed by Steven, Tom, and Nasia


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