OFIBTY Shorties is a small mini-series or short which follows random members daily adventures. It serves as a comedic and sometimes random follow-up to the everyday lives of the members of the Wikia. Anyone of the Wikia is free to participate in this, but please consult with me before you create an episode short.

The idea and series was created by BrandonLane


Not much is known about the whole Wiki Universe. It's only known that the members of the Wikia live in a building called the Hub. It's where all their biggest shenanigans typically take place.


  • Nasia: the college bound female leader of the Wikia. She serves as a mediator to many different situations and/or problems that the members of the Hub.
  • Delilah: often referred to as the slut of the Wikia. She's well-known for making out with various members.
  • Tyler: the male leader of the Wikia. He often gets drunk and has meaningless sex with girls who have names he can never remember.
  • Brandon: the gay, sassy member who loves to write. He often documents the events that take place as a way to create a
  • John: the Big Brother uber fan. John often shares similarities with Jessy, and the two have a speculated mutual attraction to one another.
  • Nina: much like Ali and Karla, Nina is fairly normal. She leaves her room on occasion, but typically hides with the shadows of the Hub, watching the members act odd and outlandish.
  • Mau: Typically never seen because of his constant world tours. When he appears, he usually brings news of bad news regarding the X-Factor and other terribly based singing shows.
  • Tom: the second horniest Wikia member. He often enjoys going around in the nude and has an on/off relationship with Shan.
  • Shan: the moon eyed follower of Tom. She would do anything to make him happy, even if it involves ridiculous schemes.
  • Ali: one of the only normal members on the Wikia. She never leaves her room in the hub.
  • Jessy: a neurotic, survivor obsessed member who often has much in common with her romantic interest, John.
  • Justin: the lovable innocent member. He often looks up to Delilah, and the two have had a lot of similarities.
  • Karla: also known as the normal resident of the hub. She is very secretive, and little to nothing is really known about her because of this.
  • Mark: a Wikia entrepreneur. He, like Mau, is constantly going on trips because of the success of his Fame television series.


  • Episode One

Episode 1Edit

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