This is what happens when I watch a 20/20 Special on William and Kate's baby, get drunk, and am up at 3:30 AM on a Wednesday. Enjoy :) (If you are offended by your placement, dont be it's just for fun and I randomized it after the first two anyway. And if you are offended I don't really give a rat's ass, so save your complaints for somebody who they will have an effect on)

King Tyler and Queen Annie

(1) Duke and Duchess of Peterland (Prince Joey and Princess Nasia)

(2) Princess Delilah of Bjorkville

(3) Duke and Duchess of Farquaad (Prince Shrek and Princess Fiona)

(4) Princess Lily of Westeros

(5) Prince Mau of Marinaville

(6) Earl and Countess of Loreenville (Prince Mark and Shan)

(7) Princess Nadia of Kittyton

(8) Prince Brandon of Niallville

(9) Princess Ellie of Slenderville

(10) Prince Justin of LovegoodLand

(11) Prince John of BBfield

(12) Princess Nina of Hogwarts

(13) Prince Tom of ILoveShanButWontAdmitItville

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