If you see anybody breaking the rules please contact one of our three Bureaucrats: CensoredColors, FreeFalling, or Queen of the Clouds.

Admins: Diet Mtn Dew, SpartanSquirrel

This place is for people to have fun and be honest with each other. If you can't follow the rules, you don't belong here.

The Rules

  • Absolutely NO BULLYING of any kind.
  • No changing of emoticons.
  • No spamming.
  • You can curse but don't direct it to one another in a serious manner that could possibly start a riot
    • Okay: bitch, crap, ass, fuck
    • Not Okay: f*g, c*nt, n*gga
  • No racial remarks.
  • No making fun of any other members.
  • Do not provoke people.
  • Do not start any drama.
  • Do not let others use your account. If someone else uses it you are responsible
  • No one is allowed to have more than one account
  • No users younger than 13 are allowed on this wiki
  • Innocent until proven guilty (no accusing/kicking/banning someone unless they've done something wrong)
  • If you are a new member, please wait until all the members have met, spoken and learned to trust you before you make a page.
  • Excessive caps are not tolerated.

Ban policy

  • Bans will be distributed based on what the admins think is deserved
  • You will always get a warning first unless it's something very serious
  • If an admin/wiki team member breaks a rule it will be discussed by the other admins on what their punishment shall be.

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