OHSIBTY stands for Our High School Is Better Than Yours. This is a fan fic series based on the users of the wiki. It will feature 13 users chosen in chat, and will follow there stories throughout highschool.


  • Tom Anderson- 16, Sophmore (Celebrity Portrayer: Blake Jenner)
  • Shan Benson- 16, Sophmore (Celebrity Portrayer: Troian Bellisaro)
  • Brandon Dawson- 15, Freshmen (Celebrity Portrayer: Brandon Dooling)
  • Manuel Gonzales- 17, Junior (Celebrity Portrayer: Drew Roy)
  • Justin Gonzales- 15, Freshmen (Celebrity Portrayer: Connor Jessup)
  • Mauricio Hawthorne- 15, Sophmore (Celebrity Portrayer: Cameron Mitchell)
  • Eloise "Ellie" Hawthorne- 14. Freshmen (Celebrity Portrayer: Jemima West)
  • Tyler Jenkins- 18, Senior (Celebrity Portrayer: Liam Hemsworth)
  • Joey Mitchell- 18, Senior (Celebrity Portrayer: Brant Daugherty)
  • Delilah Rene- 16, Junior (Celebrity Portrayer: Shay Mitchell)
  • Emmett Rockwell- 14, Freshmen (Celebrity Portrayer: Logan Lerman)
  • Samantha "Sam" Valentine- 16, sophmore (Celebrity Portrayer: Taylor Swift)
  • Nasia Williams- 17, Junior (Celebrity Portrayer: Sophia Bush)