Our Own Eurovision is a small Eurovision competition between Delilah, Justin, Shan, and Tyler.


Draw Country Owner Artist Song Place Points
1 Icelandflag Iceland Justin Sigur Rós "Starálfur" 4 21
2 Netherlandsflag Netherlands Shan Jacqueline Govaert "Simple Life" 11 12
3 Ukraineflag Ukraine Shan Alina Grosu "Melom na asfalte" 9 15
4 Switzerlandflag Switzerland Shan Beatrice Egli "Verrückt nach Dir" 10 12
5 Swedenflag Sweden Justin Lykke Li "Gunshot" 1 32
6 Estoniaflag Estonia Delilah Kerli "Love Is Dead" 7 16
7 Albaniaflag Albania Delilah Arilena "Aeroplan" 5 20
8 Finlandflag Finland Delilah Jenni Vartiainen "Junat ja naiset" 3 22
9 Hungaryflag Hungary Shan HIEN "Túl szép" 8 16
10 Ukflag United Kingdom Tyler Will Arnett "It Ain't Easy Being White" 16 1
11 Polandflag Poland Tyler Kristen Bell "Do You Want to Bulid a Snowman?" 12 10
12 Franceflag France Tyler Celine Dion "God Bless America" 15 2
13 Russiaflag Russia Justin Regina Spektor "The Call" 2 24
14 Italyflag Italy Tyler Lou Monte "Dominick The Donkey" 14 5
15 Spainflag Spain Justin La Oreja de Van Gogh "Rosas" 6 17
16 Romaniaflag Romania Delilah Alexandra Stan "Thanks For Leaving" 13 7


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.17.14 PM

12 PointsEdit

No. Country Person giving 12 points
1 Albaniaflag Albania Justin
Finlandflag Finland Shan
Russiaflag Russia Tyler
Swedenflag Sweden Delilah

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