Our Zombie Apocalypse (OZA), also called OZAIBTY, is an upcoming fanfiction written by Justin with Tyler


OZA will take place several weeks into a zombie apocalypse. Zombies have taken over the world, while few people struggle to survive. This fanfiction will show people on the wiki surviving on a zombie apocalypse. 


Main CastEdit

  • Sunriseondarkenedseas as Joey, a former quarterback, dating Nasia.
  • Ashton Kutcher as Ted, former football player, Joey's best friend.
  • Uniquenay as Nasia, former cheerleader, Joey's girlfriend. Sweet and bubbly.
  • Smooth CriminaL as Tyler, a tough redneck, owner of a weapons store
  • TheWordyBirdy as Delilah, a young mother who just lost her child, victim of domestic abuse.
  • ScaryNinjaRabbit as Andrew, former school teacher.
  • Lily! as Lily, a tough woman surviving on her own.
  • Gleek655 as Brandon, a student who slowly develops throughout the apocalypse.
  • Gleekerr as Justin, a student loosing his innocence.

Recurring CastEdit


Season One:Edit

1- 31 Days Later

Plot: 31 days have passed after the apocalypse took life away. There is no help to survivors. The world is in complete anarchy. A group of students have taken their base on a high school. Some go out to the outside world for supplies. Their journey takes a dramatic twist.

2- What Has Become

3- White Rose

4- The Ones Already Forgotten

5- The Silence of the Lambs

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