Popcorn for Two is a talk show hosted by Justin


Popcorn for 2 is a talk show hosted by Justin. It is based on a set, and features interviews with different people from our wiki each episode. The interviews are mostly for people to have fun, and are comedy-orientated. 


Episode 1: Delilah Edit


Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to Popcorn for 2!
*The crowd cheers, Justin sits down in the living area*
Justin: Our first ever guest is...
Miss Delilah!
Delilah: Hey
*Justin grabs a bag of popcorn*
*Delilah steals justin's popcorn*
Delilah: Does this have glutton?
*Justin grabs another one*
Justin: Probably
Delilah: I can't eat glutton
or meat
or dairy
or vegetables
or grains
or fat
or fruits
Justin: Then give me my popcorn back!
Delilah: One sec
*Delilah throws popcorn at audience*
Delilah: I fed it to the fishes
Justin: Smiley-shocked032.gif
Delilah: Did i say something wrong?
*Delilah's mood changes*
Justin: They need to be fed once in a while
Justin: Okay, let`s start!
*Delilah's mood changes*
Delilah: Yay
Justin: So, Deli-cious, or Delilah, what do you think about Dustin? Say the truth, the people want to know
Delilah: I think dustin is blasphemous
I think its mad hot
*Delilah grabs justin's hand and places it on her boob*
Delilah: u see?
Justin: Haha
Delilah: Can we talk about movies
Justin: I love movies
Delilah: I've seen every movie in existence
Justin: If you were in a romantic movie, who on this wiki would be your guy?
Delilah: Tyler or Joey or Mark or you or Nasia
Justin: I heard you hopped in Mark's bed?
Delilah: Yes I did and he impregnated me
Justin: News confirmed here!
*Audience cheers*
Delilah: But i aborted the little sh*t, y'know, to annoy the pro-lifes
Audience: Oooh
Justin: How many guys you`ve been with?
had sex with?
Delilah: 7....000,000,000
Justin:Which is your type of guy?
Delilah: Hot
Justin: Like Ty?
Delilah: Yes
Do i remind u of Mary-Kate Olsen?
Justin: No idea what that is
Delilah: F*ck u
Justin: Something related with sex?
Delilah: How'd you know
Justin: Cause it's you
Delilah: Should I be offended?
Justin: Nah
Delilah: When is this interview over, I need to be at the homeless shelter
Justin: Smiley-shocked032.gif ...So, I see you love movies, you say you saw every movie
Delilah: Oh I don't work there
I steal their clothes
Justin: Oh, Deli, Deli...You confessed that in public
Delilah: I thought I was under oath
This is New York City state court right?
Justin: Oh, yeah, you were, and totally. The police will come after this interview ends
Delilah: Oh, well judge I didn't mean to steal that hobo's clothes, he gave it to me violently
Yeah.... Sure he did
Delilah: You makeup department here sucks, they didn't give me enough eye makeup
Justin: On purpose, I told them to
If you could have a trio, with anyone here, who would it be with?
Delilah: Easily Jasia or Shark, the two sexy couples
Justin: WOW
Delilah: Yeah Smiley-shocked032.gif
Justin: WTF`S WRONG WITH THE Smiley-shocked032.gif
Delilah: Are you mocking me Smiley-shocked032.gif
Delilah: I'm offended goodbye
Justin: Police
Delilah: I'm going to the homeless shelter
*The police attack her*
*she dies*
*Justin smiles*
Justin: Okay, that was our first Popcorn for 2, everyone!
It didn`t end very well for our girl, Deli
But she`s resting now
*Deli`s now-decapitated head gets stuck on the door*
*Audience screams*
Justin: See ya on the next Popcorn for 2! I gotta go perfomr necrophi.... emh I mean... do something now

Episode 2: JohnEdit

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  1. Delilah
  2. John
  3. Nasia
  4. Mauricio
  5. Joey
  6. Tom
  7. Mark
  8. Ellie
  9. Brandon
  10. Lily
  11. Shan
  12. Tyler

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