Birthday July 9
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Height 5"3
Hometown Palm Coast
Nicknames Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy (everyone)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
User Level Contributor

Rainfacestar, aka Liza, is a member of Our Family Is Better Than Yours! family.

Place In The Family TreeEdit

In the family tree, she is the daughter of Tiffany and Andrew. She is the sister of Ellie and Mark.


  • Liza joined chat after her friend, Caylin, had told her to come here and she was instantly loved by several people.
  • She loves randomness yet can be very serious.
  • One of the OFIBTY members, Lily, are already best friends on HG Wiki before they got into the OFIBTY family.

Fun FactEdit

  • Joined the wiki: April 13, 2013.



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