Hi everyone, it's me Sam! I'm opening a GIF shop, I recently learned how to make GIFs and it's really fun for me so I was thinking of making GIFs for all of you.

Also, please check out Ellie's Christmas Card Shop, it's amazing and the cards are beautiful. Buy something, trust me, you'll regret it if you don't! Mauricio's Art Workshop is extraordinary as well, his art is wonderful and he makes wonderful banners!

Regular GIF - No Text: Free
Regular GIF - Text (Same Color): 5 coins
Regular GIF - Text (Your Choice of Color): 10 coins
Regular GIF - Text (Same Color, Your Choice of Font): 15 coins
Regular GIF - Text (Your Choice of Color and Font): 20 coins
GIF with Effects (Plain White) - No Text: 30 coins
GIF with Effects (Plain White) - Text: 35 coins
GIF with Effects (Your Choice of Color) - No Text: 40 coins
GIF with Effects (Your Choice of Color) - Text: 45 coins

I can also make the text flashing or put it at a certain point if you want :)

These GIFs should take me around 10 minutes but if I have a lot of them to make, please be patient. You can pickup your GIFs in the pickup section.

My GIFsEdit

Oie 22183627UfJkxlX9

Oie 221930395BDC8hlv

Oie 22224764dhFsWBC

Oie 22194826yVkgMCKl
Requested by Drew

Oie 22201410bfx4eMZU
Requested by Shan

Oie 22223740U611qeHg
Requested by Delilah

Requested by Mauricio

Oie 232031392orcvxDL
Requested by Eloise

Oie 24184347DHAN84EJ
Requested by Drew

Oie 24193725WLZ3mYz9
Requested by Delilah

Requested by Eloise


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