Announcement: A new show is in the developmental stage. There is a casting call. It is about six college students trying to guide their way through freshman year at the fictional Santa Barbara State. It will be a sitcom-esque story, with some serious overtones. Think 70-80 percent Community, with 20-30 percent 90210. The staff for the show is as follows:

Creator/Head Writer: Tyler

Head Director/Assistant Writer: Justin

Editor/Assistant Writer: Brandon

There will be 5-6 main characters, and multiple recurring characters, so please audition! I have a character I created, and another recurring one, but the other few are for y'all to decide! You can audition more than one character, in fact, please do! It doesn't have to be super in-depth, in fact, I'd prefer if it wasn't, so we can expand in a way that relates to other characters.

Cast Edit


  • Tyler Nelson portrayed by Robbie Amell
  • Victoria Michaels portrayed by Bella Thorne
  • Eric Ackermann portrayed by Josh Hutcherson
  • Minnie Guntrie portrayed by Emma Greenwell
  • Jayson McLeod portrayed by Taron Egerton


  • Professor Rodriguez portrayed by Dascha Polanco
  • Anastasia Ursu portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin
  • William Fowler portrayed by Cody Linley
  • (Dean) Jerry Martin portrayed by Gary Busey

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