Sean-Ash Relationship
Shipname Sesh
Status Best Friends
First met Robs minecraft server

The Sean-Ash relationship is the friendship between Sean and Ash. They are often reffered to as Sesh.


  • Met in 2012 on a minecraft server before Ash met Elliott and joined the wiki.
  • Have been really great friends for nearly 3 years.
  • Argue a lot about stupid stuff.
  • Ash enjoys and likes Seans company and likes being friends with him.
  • Nina ships them.
  • Ash was once dared to declare their love for a friend who wasn't on the wiki so he chose Sean cuz it was easier and he knew Sean would take it as a joke.
  • They both love Justin.
  • Ash made sure to tell Sean that they're always there for him and vis versa.
  • Also stated that Sean is like a little brother.

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