The Napoleon-Nina Relationship is a Relationship between Napoléon Bonaparte and Nina .

Meeting Edit

Napoleon and Nina met in a Skype call in late June. Nina instantly developed feelings for the little Corsican upstart from then.

Trivia Edit

  • They met in a Skype call on June 30th at about noon EST and 6pm CET.
  • Napoleon has an affection and respect for Croatians, as he once said "Give me 100 000 Croatian soldiers and I will conquer all world"
  • Nina wants to learn French. Now not only for the sake of the language, but to more comfortably talk to the Little General
  • Napoleon also speaks Italian, another language Nina wants to learn.
  • They plan to move back to Corsica and live there, with Europe under their control.
  • Napoleon hides Nina from others in his army by keeping her under the name Marie Louise, made Empress of the French empire and Duchess of Parma.
  • Sometimes Nina and Napoleon engage in a threesome with a stick of butter.

Gallery Edit

23 year old Napoleon




Napoleon and Nina

Wedding Day

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