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Birthday september 19
Gender male
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Hometown washington
Nicknames Marklemore - Everyone
Marky (nasia and joey)

marlo (nasia)
marko Jankovic (tom) MARK! (shan)

Our Family Is Better Than Yours
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Creator of fame magazine
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SugaryDonught, aka Mark, is a member of the Our Family Is Better Than Yours! family.


Place In The Family TreeEdit

New FamilyEdit

Mark is currently engaged to Shan, the best girl in the world, including Ariana Grande. Ellie is his sister, and his parents are Andrew and Tiffany. He is also the adoptive father of Nina and Karla.

Old FamilyEdit

Mark is the triplet of Shan and John. He is divorced to Rae. They have a pet, Brandon and two kids Viv and Emmett.

Older FamilyEdit

Mark is a child of Andrew and Tiffany. His brother is Tom and his sister is Nasia. Anytime I write in bold and italic at the same time it means what I'm thinking in my head, just out loud.